VPNhub Review 2021.

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VPNhub Review 2021.

What is VPNhub?

vpnhub review 2020
vpnhub review 2021

VPNhub is an all-rounder when it comes to protecting multiple devices. The VPNhub is providing protection for Windows PC, Android OS, iOS, and macOS.

The team behind VPNhub is the company known as AppAtomic Limited. It has been around since 2018 and has attracted a strong and loyal customer following.

The VPNhub is also known for its outstanding reputation based on many positive reviews from both research groups and customers.

VPNhub is capable of many things including, hiding your IP address, masking geolocation, encrypting your data, deleting browsing history, preventing ISP speed throttling, unblocking restricted websites, stopping targeted ads, and even helps you to get better shopping deals.

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Installing VPNhub

Downloading, and installing is easy as the VPNhub is coming with an automatic configuration wizard.

Once you have opened the app, the VPNhub reroutes your network data through an encrypted server in a location of your choosing. Another plus point is that you can choose dozens of locations to get the most unrestricted online experience.

VPNhub also offers dedicated customer support for anyone who has problems with setting up and configuring the installed software.


Features of VPNhub

vpnhub review 2020 1
vpnhub review 2021 1

1. Protection of personal activities, personal data, personal preferences.

These features are what the marketing agencies, scammers, and hackers are using to bother you with spam, adware, spyware, ad pixels, etc.

2. Access to any website without geographical limitations.

Thousands of VPNhub servers are all around the world and can be used to change your location at any time to get unblocked and more freedom-oriented online experience.

3. Stay safe despite the network you are using

Whether you are using a personal Wi-Fi network, public network, everything is handled by VPNhub to ensure your online safety. VPNhub prevents hackers from stealing your data as everything is going through an encrypted tunnel and is getting rerouted through thousands of servers to ensure your online safety. This is why the cyber criminals won’t be able to steal your information.

Here’s the way the VPNhub is working.

4. Thousands of servers are available.

You can choose one out of thousands of high-speed and encrypted servers that are placed all over the world.

vpnhub server selection
vpnhub server selection

5. Switching servers and countries instantly

You can switch servers and countries instantly and as often as you like to bypass geo-based restrictions and to get further access to global content.

6. There are more than 60 locations to choose from.

The VPNhub offers over 60 locations to reroute traffic through, which masks your IP address and gets you online anonymity.

7. Can’t track your location, personal details, personal preferences.

This feature helps you to cover your tracks as no corporation nor agency can track your location, personal details, personal preferences. This helps you to avoid junk mail, targeted advertisements, etc.

8. ISP Independence.

Your Internet Service provider (ISP) is keeping a log of your history, online data transactions. This information is useful for them to throttle your internet usage. Also, they sell your data including personal and personal preferences as per your browsing history.

9. Invincibility

You can protect your personal and financial details with the help of VPNhub software. VPNhub is capable of protecting you from ad pixels, cookies, malware, or any other cyber intrusion with the rerouting and encryption features they have.

Is VPNhub safe?

Of course, it is, as they have their own dedicated high speed and encrypted servers, thus eliminating any information leakage to third parties. They are a reputed company and have been around for a long time.

VPNhub windows review.

VPNhub offers protection for Windows OS, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Windows OS is the most widely used, broad-ranged, most feature-rich, and mostly used for eCommerce and business. This is why Windows OS has become a common target for cyber criminals, as well as corporations and even government agencies to collect personal, personal preferences, professional, and financial data.

VPNHub provides cutting edge protection for Windows PCs and protects you from DDoS attacks, government surveillance, identity theft, financial data losses, intellectual property thefts, and privacy intrusions. Most importantly VPNhub hides your IP address, and geolocation making it impossible for a hacker to target you specifically.

VPNhub offers protection for up to five Windows devices with the VPNhub premium package. This is more than enough for a small-time business owner or a start-up company.

VPNhub for windows provides access to all the servers in over sixty geographical locations, avoids ISP speed throttling, maintains permanent top speed when it comes to downloading ad browsing.

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VPNhub for Android OS

Android OS is the most widely used mobile-based operating system. Part of the success of Android OS is depending on the large scale support it gets from the devoted developer community. The open Source nature of Android OS is another reason for its wide used. Though Android OS is a good and reliable OS it can become an easy target for anyone familiar with its structure and vulnerabilities.

VPNhub android app review
VPNhub android app review

This is why you must take extra precautions to protect yourself from danger.

The VPNhub provides OpenVPN and OpenSSL to ensure stable online security without compromising speed with instant connection re-establishment. These features are helpful to experience a more hassle-free online browsing experience.

Another plus point of VPNhub is the encryption technology, that they claim to be the very same technology used by government agencies and the US military. The AES used by VPNhub is a 256 encryption key.

The Advanced Encryption standards or AES is an encryption algorithm that was designed to be efficient in both hardware and software and supports a block length of 128 bits and key lengths of 128, 192, and 256 bits. Bypassing  AES used by US Army is almost impossible.

VPNhub also comes with an Internet kill switch, a feature that they use to keep your information secure even during an accidentally dropped signals.

DNS leak protection is another feature that is highlighting the VPNhub as DNS leak protection makes sure that there will be no ISP logging nor recoding with anonymous DNS servers.

Lightspeed surfing is another feature that keeps your online experience faster and more hassle-free as much as possible.

By using a trustworthy VPN like VPN hub, you can keep your online experience safer even on any network. So, you can connect your mobile phone to any open network that you may encounter in a café, public transportation, airport, or literally anywhere, without having to worry about data leakages.

VPNhub for iOS

The iOS which is powering the iPhone range is a technological marvel and without a doubt the coolest and easiest OS to operate and to get used to.

vpnhub ios
vpnhub ios

Yet, it has come an easy target for cybercriminals and the celebrity photo leaks is a prime example of these data intrusions.

VPNhub is providing a VPN solution for iOS as well. VPNhub comes with the IKEv2 protocol. IKEv2 protocol is currently the class best with stability, security, speed, and connection re-establishment.

The IPsec is securing all your data into authenticated and encrypted packets to ensure secure browsing.

Also, another plus feature is Internet Kill Switch (IKS). This feature keeps your information secure even during accidental dropped signals and acts as a second line of defencse.

The iOS version of VPNhub also provides the 256 bit AES military-grade encryption to make sure optimum performance and security are ensured.

No ISP logging or data storing happens as the VPNhub comes with a DNS leak protection feature.

VPNhub for MacOS

MacOS is preferred by artists, graphic designers, entertainment industry experts, people who prefer the best looks, and the best multimedia, entertainment experience.

VPNhub covers MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Pros.

As mentioned before, by using a VPN like VPNhub you can avoid Intellectual property theft, DDoS attacks, identity theft, ISPdata throttling, and other cyber-criminal intrusions while maintaining permanent high-speed browsing with no ads nor data leaks.

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