VPNCity Review 2021

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VPNCity Review 2021.

What is VPNCity?

VPNCity is a VPN service. It is a product of Think Huge Ltd and has been around since 2012. VPNCity got a five-star rating on Trustpilot.

The VPNCity is capable of providing fast, reliable and secure internet connectivity to ensure the safety of your data.

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vpncity review 2021

Advantages of VPNCity VPN

Provides secure browsing.

VPNCity VPN protects your personal details including online banking and shopping transactions. This helps you to avoid credit and debit fraud done by cyber criminals. You can save yourself from the stress and protect your personal information using VPNCity VPN.

Streaming services accessibility and unlimited streaming.

You can use streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Firestick, and more. VPNCity is full compatible with these services and offers buffering free connectivity.

VPNCity comes without any bandwidth or streaming limitations.

Worldwide servers and locations

Locations provided by VPNCity VPN includes Australia, Japan, Singapore, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Serbia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Luxemborg, hungry, Czech Republic, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.

Multi App friendly.

Windows PC, iOS devices, Android OS based devices are supported and covered by the VPNCity VPN service.

Up to 8 devices are protected.

VPNCity VPN service covers up to 8 devices and these devices are capable of streaming, gaming, surfing at the same time without any limitations. You can connect 8 devices at the same time and this is ideal if you are a part of a big family or one of those unicorns with lots of friends around you.

No log policy.

VPNCity VPN also comes with no log policy to ensure the safety and privacy of your information. This helps you to do whatever you want online and not to worry about as these activities are not monitored nor kept stored by VPNCity or any 3rd party.

Cyber security even on public hotspot.

Despite the network that you are connected to, the VPNCity VPN provides you a secured encrypted inbound and outbound communication. VPNCity VPN does hide your IP address and encrypts all your data and cloaks your IP address to protect your identity and your devices health.

Pricing and packaging.

The VPNCity VPN comes in four different subscription based plans. All these plans are coming with a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure consumer trust and company goodwill.

One month plan.

VPNCity VPN one month plan will cost you 9.95 USD per month, billed every one month and protects up to 8 devices simultaneously.

Three month plan.

The three month plan offered by VPNcity VPN is going to cost you 4.95 USD per month, billed 14.85 USD every three months. This is better than purchasing the one month plan as it helps you to keep your devices protected and saves you the cost of an entire month as its monthly costs are lower than the one month package.

Six month plan.

The six month plan is billed 23.70 USD every six months instead of 59.70 USD for six months for renewing one month subscription plan. This six month plan is costing you only 3.95 USD per month and gives you two extra months for free.

One year plan.

One year plan offered by VPNCity is going to cost you 2.95 USD per month and protects up to eight devices. This plan is billed 35.40 USD per year instead of the cost of 119.40 per year while on one month plan.

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VPNCity Conclusion

VPN City provides security for iOS, macOS, AndroidOS, and Windows PC. It also provides simultaneous security for up to eight devices. It provides security for your devices even when it is connected to a public hotspot. VPN City is available in four subscription based packages. One month plan is $9.95 per month and when opting for longer subscription periods, the cost per month is getting reduced in dramatical fashion.

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