Unique Rewards Incentives Review 2021

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Unique Rewards Incentives Review 2021

What is Unique Rewards Incentives?

Unique Rewards is an online marketing research surveying network. It has been around 2007, making them one of the oldest companies around.

It is 100% free to join and pays the members for completing different tasks. Unique Rewards is open to US and Canadian residents.

What makes unique rewards special is that they offer so many ways to get paid. Unlike many other online marketing survey sites, these guys offer a different variety of ways to keep things interesting for the members.

There are a few ways that you could earn money with Unique rewards. Few of these methods are clicking on an advertisement, completing offers, listening to web radio channels, survey completion, and cashback offers.

Take note that the earning potential here is higher than what the competitors are providing right now.

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How to join Unique Rewards Incentives?

Signing up is available for free without any hidden membership costs. Currently, they accept US and Canadian members only. They also provide a 5 $ bonus for newcomers as a welcome gift.

The signing up procedure is hassle-free and doesn’t require to provide much information either. Once you have completed the signup form, a validation link will be sent to your email inbox. By clicking on it, you can verify your email account and will be redirected to their website.

How to earn with Unique Rewards Incentives?

Things to remember when EarningĀ  with Unique Rewards

After that, they will ask for some personal information such as income status, household status, family information such as the number of siblings, type of car you are using, etc.

Try to provide answers honestly as you can as this is crucial to get more surveys that are more targeted and personalized at you. This will also eliminate the possibility of disqualifying for a survey.

You can update your information by accessing your account at later times to keep things more updated and relevant to you.

Also, please do remember to read terms and conditions when completing offers that may ask you for your credit card information. Sometimes they might need you to spend money to get rewards. These kinds of offers are rare, but keep this in mind to avoid trouble.

Please note that you can earn money and the amount of money you can earn is potentially higher when comparing with other online marketing research groups.

Also, to help users to identify offers with good feedback from fellow members, Unique Rewards provides a five-star rating system for each and every offer.

Survey taking Unique Rewards

Online surveys will be available for you based on your demographics and if you answered the questions asked by the Unique Rewards team, then there is a higher possibility for you to be qualified for a survey.

As for these surveys, you will get paid 25 cents to 2 dollars for a survey, but it will take usually 5 to 20 minutes to complete it.

Some of the surveys will ask questions regarding your demographics so if you provide different answers than what you provided when completing your account, there’s a chance that you will disqualify for the survey.

That’s why I mentioned that it is better to answer honestly as you can or remember the answers that you provided earlier.

Completing Tasks to earn with Unique Rewards

Tasks can be varied from commenting on a web post to categorize details for websites or sometimes liking a social media post or commenting on the post etc.

These tasks will provide instructions on how to complete them properly and once you get it done as per the instructions, you will get paid.

For example, commenting positively on a Facebook post regarding a certain product. Liking an Instagram post of a model wearing a certain dress by a specific brand.

You will be paid an average of 1 $ for simple tasks like this. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

Cashback offers.

Cashback offers don’t involve filling surveys or completing tasks. What really happens and how it works is as follows.

Unique Rewards is also doubling as an online shopping rewarding hub. They have partnered with thousands of online shopping sites including many household names to provide cashback offers and special deals to promote the products and services of these brands.

So, what happens is when you go to a partner online shopping website, the Unique Rewards offers reward points in return for every dollar you spend with them. Once these transactions are verified, the Unique Rewards offer you these reward points. It is possible to get cash backs on an average of 5% to 12% of the value of the product.

Clicking on advertisements.

Clicking on an advertisement is one of the easiest activities that you can do and what’s interesting with unique rewards is that they don’t even ask you to stay on the site to get qualified for rewards. You can just keep it open on a different tab, wait for a few seconds, and click on another advertisement.

This is something even a child could do. The task doesn’t involve any brainpower or much time commitment. They pay 1 cent per every advertisement that you click on.

Radio listening

Listening to the radio is one of the fun ways. There are many radio channels to choose from. Once you have turned one of these online radio stations on, you have to fill out a captcha every 30 minutes to get paid.

If you have a habit of listening to podcasts and radio channels on the way to work, then this is a fun way to get paid. But, to be honest the payment of one cent is barely even enough to cover the internet bills.

In that case, don’t bother.

Watching Videos

You can earn one cent per every video you watch. There are many videos from a variety of categories to choose from.

To be honest most of these videos are about products and offers so it can become boring fast. Also, one cent per video is not enough and a waste of time.

Tips to maximize your income potential with Unique Rewards Incentives.

So, what I recommend is take part in completing surveys and tasks to earn rewards without spending a penny out of your pocket.

Cashback offers are very impressive and useful if you are used to doing online shopping much. For example, every product you purchase from a certain grocery store can be purchased from their online store. By accessing this online store through Unique Rewards, you can get a certain cashback as a reward that you could redeem to your PayPal account later.

Unique Rewards do the payments every Monday and the minimum threshold is 20 USD which is relatively low when considering the competitors.

You can redeem your money to PayPal or as money.

Unique Rewards Incentives Conclusion

Unique Rewards offer relatively small and shorter surveys that can be completed easily and within a few minutes. The average pay for a survey is from 50 cents to 5 dollars. Completing a few of these surveys can help you to get 20 to 25 USD within an hour. Doing so four to five days can get you a cool 100 USD per week.

Income potential is higher with Unique Rewards is because there are so many survey opportunities that you could try with a low risk of disqualifying for it and these surveys are usually doesn’t have much depth either.

Hereby I have to say that I cannot promise that you will make that amount, but it is possible with time and commitment.

This site is ideal for a full-time student, a teenager, or a single parent having difficulties with finances.

Completing surveys and completing tasks like commenting on a Facebook post or liking an Instagram account is easy and can do while on your way to work from home. These things can get you paid up to 1 dollar.

This is not for one of those with making big money fast dreams. This site is ideal for a person who’s interested in making side money.

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