Top 7 Free Antivirus Guards for 2021

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Top 7 Free Antivirus Guards for 2021

Introduction to Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is getting more complex and more difficult to manage with every passing day. The main reason for this is the advances in technology and the way it connects us all with our everyday tasks. Most of the corporations and organizations are operating in an online environment to update their database information real-time, as this can be cost-effective and time-saving rather than manually updating offline data-keeping.

Everyone has a smartphone which is connected to the internet to keep themselves connected with their friends, family, coworkers, etc. Internet is the easiest way to keep us connected to worldwide information such as news, geographical data, entertainment, media, education, and many more services that are undoubtedly useful to make our day to day work easier than ever.

Recent studies done by top cybersecurity firms show us that cybercrimes are all-time high and these crimes can range from simple data corruption to ransomware, credit card scams, and even blackmailing. In times like this, it is necessary to take precautions to keep our information to ourselves.

The best way to do this is by using specific tools like a firewall, a virus guard to keep away these online cybercriminals away from us. Another way is to keep our most private data in an offline device with good encryption. Though there are many tools and programs that we could use to keep our information safer, most of us cannot spare extra money for these programs because of the rising living costs.  That’s why, I am presenting you guys a list of the best free and fermium tools and anti-virus programs that you could use to keep your data safe.

But, before that, let’s take some time to point out some useful information for your preference.

What is a virus guard?

An antivirus guard is usually a program or a set of inter depending tools that are running together to keep your information devices defended from malware, ransomware, adware, spyware, etc.

The benefits of using a virus guard

The basic functionalities of anti-virus software usually perform tasks like keeping your devices operating system and other programs up to date, scanning all files, links, and system files in an automatic scheduled scanning or accordingly to your manual input, identifying and eliminating malware by consistent monitoring of internet connection which is provided through a firewall, using VPN to keep user data and user location untraceable, etc. But, these are only some of the most common features of virus guard software and these features can vary as per the product.

Best free antivirus software for 2021 are ranked as per the ratings of security experts and user-friendliness.

1. Avira free version


Avira anti-virus guard is best known for providing best in class system protection, comes with a feature-rich, yet user-friendly interface, and you may rarely notice any impact on overall system performance thanks to its not so performance-hungry background processes.

Avira anti-virus guard comes with support for Windows, Mac, Android, and Ios, making it one of the few anti-virus products that provide protection for such a wide range of OS.

Avira Antivirus Review 2021

2. Symantec Norton


Symantec is considered one of the top-level antivirus solutions for businesses and personal computer users. Symantec usually scores very well in AV testing done by cybersecurity specialists. Symantec is also one of the oldest antivirus software products available in the market.

Symantec anti-virus guard is known for its reliability and user-friendly UI design, yet it is using relatively high system resources than rivals.

Click on this link to check Norton Antivirus 

3. Avast antivirus guard

avast free antivirus
avast free antivirus

Avast antivirus guard is one of the most powerful free antivirus software available in the market. More importantly, though the program is feature-rich, it doesn’t have much impact on hardware resources. Avast antivirus guard is a must-have for hardcore users like graphic designers, gamers, and developers, as it comes with a special, do not disturb mode to keep the resource usage minimum while gaming, working on a resource-hungry project.

Another important feature is the behavior monitoring of all applications to keep an eye on their behavior to make sure they won’t go rogue.

Another important feature of this program is the password manager that comes with it that can be used to store all your passwords in one place.

It also comes with a secure VPN mode to protect your online activities and personal information.

Usually a top performer in AV tests done by companies and independent researchers.

Avast Antivirus Review 2020

4. Bitdefender Antivirus free version

bitdfeneder antivirus free
bitdfeneder antivirus free

Bitdefender is feature-rich, comes with a big virus definition database with constant updates, best known for proactive functioning and up to date defense against malware and spyware. Bitdefender is one of the best free antivirus guards with top AV test scores.

Bitdefender Antivirus Review 2020

5. Kaspersky free version


Kaspersky is feature-rich, protects you from many online and offline security risks. Kaspersky offers many features to ensure the safety of your online transactions and personal data. Malware protection, phishing protection, email content scanning, connected device scanning,  built-in firewall are some important features.  A little bit hungry on resources though won’t affect overall system performance much.

6. AVG antivirus free version

avg antivirus
avg antivirus

AVG antivirus guard is a well-known and well-beloved product among cybersecurity experts. AVG antivirus guard is packed with a range of functionalities to provide defense against 99.99% of malicious cyberattacks, according to the major AV tests.

Another important aspect of AVG anti-virus guard is that it comes with a simple yet intuitive interface, provides real-time scanning and updating of virus definition databases,  scanning for performance and malware related problems, also stops suspicious downloads before reaching the PC.

7. Microsoft Defender

microsoft defender
microsoft defender

Microsoft Defender is a free anti-virus program provided with Windows 10 for free. Microsoft Defender is a feature-rich, low resource hungry software and provides a decent amount of security to monitor and scan your system files, files to identify and quarantine any risky malware programs.

Though it was known for providing relatively less protection than other rivals, nowadays the updated virus definition engine and virus definition database provide more security against most malware and security threats than ever.

If you are a primary Windows 10 OS based system user, Microsoft Defender will solve many of your needs and requirements with relatively fewer problems.








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