Toluna Surveys and polls review 2021

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Toluna Surveys and Polls Review 2021.

What is Toluna Surveys?

Toluna Surveys and Polls is one of the most famous online market research survey sites. It is also a consortium member and EU-US Privacy shield certified company.

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toluna surveys and polls review 2021

How to earn money with Toluna Surveys?

Like many online survey sites out there, the Toluna Surveys also reward the users with points. The number of points that you get rewarded is depending on several factors.

Toluna Surveys offers two types of surveys. The profile surveys and the paid surveys.

The Profile surveys are easy to complete as they are relatively small in length and depth. These surveys take less than two to five minutes to complete and offer 100 points per survey. These surveys are designed in a way to get more information about you in a realistic way. They can be focusing on personal data such as the details of your family, details about your household, your income.

For example, the survey about automobiles is asking questions like the car I am currently using, the number of cars in the household, what would you rather have as your personal vehicle, or are you having an idea to shop for a new car within the year.

The data collected in profile surveys are later used to target you with more relevant and personalized surveys that will be easier to complete.

The paid surveys are usually longer when comparing with Profile surveys. The number of points that you get as a reward is based on several factors such as the length and the depth of the survey, the client whose offering the survey, and the level of expertise you provide. The paid surveys are usually worth more than 100 points.

These surveys are covering a vast area of products and services such as lifestyle choices, food, automobiles, and leisure activities. These are categorized accordingly into different groups.

Unlike many, the Toluna Surveys offer the ability to the user to select a category out of the categories listed on the “Survey center” page.

Selecting one of these categories will then take you to a specific page which is listing all the available survey offers relevant to that field.

For example, if you click on the Lifestyle category, there will be surveys focusing on entertainment and leisure activities. If you click on the Beauty and cosmetics category, you will come across surveys focusing on beauty and cosmetics products and services.

All the surveys will have a title that is best describing what’s the survey is about and what kind of a reward you will get for completing it and the estimated time that would take to complete it.

These surveys sometimes can take you to other 3rd party websites.

Also, you will receive survey invitations via email. The amount of survey invitations that you receive per day is based on your demographics. I received 10 invitations on my first day with them. The income potential is higher than most of the competitor online survey sites.

Some of the surveys can be easy as providing your insights after watching a small video about a certain product such as a perfume or an automobile accessory.

Being qualified for a survey is based on your demographics and you won’t be qualified for all the surveys that you apply. Toluna’s success rate is higher than the success rate of other sites.

Disqualification for a survey is usually informed as soon as you open one. The Toluna will inform you via a pop-up message that the client is looking for someone with different demographics. On rare occasions, it can take a few minutes to get informed that you are disqualified from the survey opportunity.

But, to make it up to you and your effort, Toluna surveys include you in monthly sweepstakes.

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toluna surveys and polls partners review 2021

How to redeem your pay with Toluna Surveys?

Toluna offers a certain amount of points per survey as a reward. You will get a one time signing up bonus of 500 points when you sign up for the first time.

So, 3000 points are roughly equal to $1.

There are multiple ways to redeem your reward points with Toluna surveys.

  1. Monetary rewards via a PayPal account.

You can cash out your reward points via a valid PayPal account.

2. Gift cards

Toluna surveys have partnered with Amazon to provide the members with an option to redeem their reward points as an Amazon gift card. You can then use this gift card to purchase products from Amazon.

3. Virtual Presents.

You can redeem reward points to purchase virtual presents. These virtual presents can be gifted to others as well. These virtual gifts can range from gift cards to garden appliances or instruction manuals. These presents are having a cost of 50 to 500 points.

Toluna states that for every virtual good that you purchase, you have a chance of winning a real object as depicted in the virtual present.

4. Sweepstakes

Toluna surveys offer you a chance to take part in sweepstakes. The monthly drawing offers a $4500 winning price and electric products such as TVs.

500 points can get you an entry in monthly sweepstakes.

Pros of Toluna Surveys

    1. Offers a clean and intuitive website.
    2. There are many ways to redeem your rewards.
    3. Surveys are easy to understand and categorized into sections that are best representing them.
    4. Toluna’s survey qualified rate is higher when compared with other online survey sites.
    5. There are many surveys offers that you can take.
    6. Relatively fun and easier to complete a survey.
    7. Disqualification for a survey is announced to you as soon as you apply for them, saving time and effort.
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toluna surveys and polls review 2021 privacy shield

Cons of Toluna Surveys

    1. Offers rewards in points that could be confusing at first.
    2. Survey offers sometimes take you to third-party websites that may spam your email address. So, do not provide your main email address when signing up with them.

Toluna Surveys Conclusion

Toluna surveys offer a big amount of survey opportunities and provide a clean and intuitive website. Survey opportunities are categorized accordingly.

There are many ways that you could redeem your reward points. You can redeem reward points to your PayPal account as money or as an Amazon gift card.

The monthly sweepstakes have a winning price of $4500 and it takes only 500 points to get one entry to get into it. Also, Toluna surveys provide you certain entries for every survey that you were disqualified for.

It is a legitimate website and income potential is based on your demographics such as the amount of expertise you could provide, time commitment, and personal preferences.

If you are looking for a way to earn some pocket money without much time commitment, probably while laying on your sofa with your cat on your lap, then this is for you.

Toluna Denmark Offer

Toluna Netherlands Offer


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