Survey2cash Review 2021. Scam Alert

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Survey2Cash Review 2021

What is Survey2Cash?

Survey2Cash is an online market survey site and is promoted as an easy way to make money online by taking paid surveys. But can you make a lot of money with them?

They have been in the market for eight years and accepts members from all around the world. To join up you have to be at least 18 years of age.

Decide after reading the full review.

The moto of Survey2Cash is “your opinion can change the products of tomorrow, today” and what they mean by it that by sharing your opinions or thoughts on products or services as a customer or a potential customer, you can influence the product manufacturer or the service provider to enhance the quality of their output.

Survey2Cash review 2020
Survey2Cash review 2021

This is the sole reason why the market research industry is alive and kicking. Online survey sites collect reviews, opinions, and complaints of customers regarding the products and services offered by their clients. These clients usually pay handsomely to these market research agencies to collect this information from the public and to provide necessary information to market research and product quality improvements.

survey2cash check box confirmation
survey2cash check box confirmation

This is why there are so many online market research survey sites and unfortunately, not all of them are paying to the public. Survey2Cash is one of those scam sites that doesn’t offer paid survey opportunities and its existence is to collect your information.

Also, they will spam the hell out of you with promotions.

How to sign up with Survey2Cash?

The website is pretty decent at the first look and that is all that’s decent about it.

Sign up procedure is the first sign that you shouldn’t even bother with providing your information. If you want to take revenge on someone for something they did to you, feel free to go ahead and add their address and phone number, and name instead.

As in almost every website with members, you have to sign up to create an account.

But, at first, you will be asked to provide your name, email, date of birth. There’s a little confirmation check box that is saying that you are agreeing with receiving relevant emails from Survey2Cash and ResearchUnlimited Inc.

In the next step, you will be asked to provide your address, a phone number, and also there’s another check box to confirm that you gave your consent to receive phone calls or SMS text messages.

survey2cash check box confirmation
survey2cash check box confirmation
survey2cash check box confirmation
survey2cash check box confirmation

Part of this confirmation checkboxes terms and conditions are “By checking the box I consent to receive phone calls or SMS text messages and data rates may apply from Survey2Cash and our marketing partners on the landline or mobile number I provided even if I am on the federal or state do not call registry. I understand these calls and SMS text messages may be generated using an autodialer and may contain pre-recorded messages and that consenting is not required to participate in the offers promoted. I understand that I may revoke consent at any time. Text Stop to opt-out and Help to receive help.”

This is how they get you to give your consent to spam you with tons of spam calls and SMS messages.

But, this is where the Survey2Cash fun starts

After this, you have to create an account, and usually, you are supposed to answer some questions about family background, income status, car, and automobile accessories or clothing brands you use, some information about your and your family’s health status.

And this is not going to happen with Survey2Cash, like ever. You will get some dumb questions that will make you question whether the company is run by humans or orangutans.

These questions are not about you or your household’s information, but some crap questions asking about magazine subscriptions, health insurance, prepaid visa cards, online TV networks, dish TV networks. These questions are as a matter of promotions disguised as normal questions that you would answer in day to day forums.  If you put the yes option on the radio button, you are in trouble. Just put everything in no and expected to get some real questions that would define my demographics. But those expectations were lost in vain.

Can you make money with Cash2Survey?

If you are thinking that you are signing up with an opportunity to earn money without sweating much, then you are mistaken.

survey2cash rewards
survey2cash rewards

Cash2Survey offers PayPal transactions or Amazon gift cards to get payments.

I have to say that there are many sites that may offer stellar payments for its members depending on the level of expertise they provide. But, Survey2Cash is not one of them.

After the signup process, you will be showered up with top matches that would say things like “win a Samsung TV”, “Make 100$ with surveys from home”, “Find best matches in your area”.

All these offers lead to either subscribing to a newsletter of some promotional websites or some products that you have to pay with your own money.

All you are going to see is offer after offer that just requires you to provide your information and your consent to send their promotional material either by email, phone or as SMS.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Survey2Cash takes the cake. Most people don’t even bother with reading those tiny microscopic letters that may later rob your personal rights.

In the Terms and Conditions, they state that they may share, rent, sell, or lease your information to third parties. See for your self.

Survey2Cash Conclusion

Survey2Cash is a website that lures people in to submit their personal information as well as to take these people round and round after one offer and another again and again. Also, you may receive a big amount of SPAM calls and text messages from third parties with marketing materials and promotional offers.

There are many marketing promotions disguised as questions and you may encounter them even filling out your personal profile,

There are so many good survey sites out there and Scam sites Survey2Cash will continue to give them a bad name.

These are the top alternatives that I can provide as I have tested them and made some money with them.


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