Survey Rewardz Review 2021.

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Survey Rewardz Review 2021.

What is Survey Rewardz?

Survey Rewardz is an online market research survey site and it is famous for being one of the most popular and reputed as well. Survey Rewardz is also considered as a paid survey site with higher income potential.

It has been around since 2014. Survey Rewardz is owned by Points2shop, which is a reputed paid online website. Though the Points2Shop is offering multiple ways to earn rewards,  the Survey Rewardz is offering survey opportunities only.

The Survey Rewardz is based in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Survey Rewardz has partnered with many market research survey sites to collect information regarding certain products and services. They collect this information from a specific demographic and to get this done, they use a system called profiles to target relevant users who are falling into the specific demographic.

Survey Rewardz is available for users from the USA, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom and already has an active community of thousands of users from these countries.


How to sign up with Survey Rewardz?

Joining Survey Rewardz is pretty straight forward. To sign up you must be a resident of the USA, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom.

The signup procedure is 100% free of charge and doesn’t come with any hidden membership fees.

Survey Rewardz allows anyone who’s older than 13 years of age to join with them. However, if you are 16 years if younger, then you are supposed to provide parental consent.

After clicking the Signup button, you will be taken to a signup form. The data that is required to sign up with Survey Rewardz is basic. Once you have completed the sign up form, an email verification link will be send to your email account. After verifying your account through this link, the Survey Rewardz will take you to a dashboard.

Then the user is asked to take part in completing personal information. This information then forms up a profile. The profile is based on the personal information that you provide when completing profile surveys.

Survey Rewardz is then using this profile to target you with more relevant and more personalized surveys to make it easier to retrieve relevant information. This also increases the rate of qualifying for a survey by providing survey offers that are best matching the demographics of the user.

The more accurate your profile is the more survey offers you will qualify for. This will also significantly increase your income potential.


How to make money with Survey Rewardz?

The Survey Rewardz is listing all the available survey opportunities in their website and doesn’t send the user any survey invitations via email. To see available survey opportunities and the newly added survey opportunities, you have to log in to the Survey Rewardz website.

The pay per survey is based on several factors such as the level of expertise you provide, the length and the depth of the survey, and the client whose offering the survey. The amount that you will earn per survey is listed near the survey opportunity even before you take them.

The average pay per survey is between $ 0.50 to $10.

Survey Rewardz offers a wide variety of survey offers. Some of the survey offers are focusing on certain products and services. Some survey offers are all about mystery shopping. Also, there are focus groups that you can join. There are users who claim that they earned hundreds of dollars by completing tasks for these focus groups. Survey Rewardz lists that you can earn up to $100 with focus groups. The amount you can earn is based on your level of expertise in the field, the task, and your commitment.

How to Redeeming your rewards with Survey Rewardz?

The rewards system in Survey Rewardz is straightforward and easy to understand.

The pay per survey is around $ 0.50 to $10. The minimum threshold is $1 for PayPal transactions and $5 for gift cards.

After making a request to cash out via PayPal, you may have to wait for a week to get the payment processed into your PayPal account.

There are several options to redeem your rewards. You can transfer your rewards to a valid PayPal account as money, can redeem for a Prepaid Visa gift card, gift card or a mailed bank cheque.

Like many websites out there, Survey Rewardz also charges a specific transaction fee for every cash out request. So, it is better to wait until a decent amount is left in the account.

Pros of Survey Rewardz

    1. Many survey offers are available and because of this, the income potential is higher.
    2. The amount you will make per survey and survey description is available even before taking them.
    3. The focus groups are allowing you to earn up to $100 for completing tasks for them.
    4. Once you have completed the profile, you will be targeted with relevant and personalized surveys automatically.
    5. The minimum threshold is only $1, making it the lowest minimum threshold among the competition.
    6. Many ways to redeem your rewards including PayPal money transfer, gift cards, pre-paid Visa cards, and bank cheques.
    7. Users rarely get disqualified for surveys as the survey availability is depending on the user profile.
    8. More than enough time to complete surveys so the chance of getting screened out of a survey is really low.
    9. Signing up is 100% free of charge and doesn’t come with any hidden membership fees.
    10. The Survey Rewardz doesn’t bombard your email account with invitation to survey opportunities and will list all the available survey opportunities in their website.


Cons of Survey Rewardz

    1. Not much information about the Survey Rewardz company is provided other than the fact that it is owned by the Points2Shop paid survey site.
    2. All the reward redeeming options take a cut as a processing fee.
    3. The only way to earn money is by taking part in survey opportunities.
    4. Only available for citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
    5. No referral program.
    6. Cash payment requests can take up to weeks before getting processed to your PayPal account.
    7. Customer support service is not that stellar.


Survey Rewardz Conclusion

Survey Rewardz is an online market research survey site and it offers a decent amount of surveys. The income potential is higher when compared with other sites.

The Survey Rewardz is also a website that allows you to join their user community without any hidden membership fee.

Anyone whose older than 13 and a citizen of the USA, Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom can join with Survey Rewardz.

Survey Reardz belongs to an online market research survey site called Points2Shop. Points2Shop offers many ways to earn rewards, unlike Survey Rewardz which is offering only survey opportunities.

This is site that you could earn some pocket money without much time commitment probably while lying on your sofa. This is ideal for college students and anyone whose interested in making some pocket money without sweating much.

The minimum threshold is only $1 and you can get your payment processed to your PayPal within a week after requesting for a cash-out.


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