Survey club Review 2021. A legitimate way to earn money.

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Survey Club Review 2021

What is Survey Club?

Survey Club has been around since  2005 and it is one of the oldest online market research companies in the market. They are based in Denver, Colorado, America and accepts members from USA, Canada, Australia, and UK.

survey club review 2020
survey club review 2021

What Survey Club, as the name implies, does is gathering data and processing them for market research on behalf of multi national companies. These client companies partner with Survey Club to get customer insights, reviews to improve their services and product quality.

How to join Survey Club?

Survey Club is free to join and doesn’t have any hidden fees for joining. Signing up is easier and hassle free. You have to provide basic information that you are used to provide for any basic signing up form.

After this you have to verify your email account by clicking on the link that they send to your email inbox. After this point you will have to provide information to fill data for your profile.

This profile is demanding information such as career status, income, household details, health and lifestyle choices. These information is then used to determine your relevancy for survey opportunities that are more personalized and targeted at specific demographics that you belong to.

survey club review 2020
survey club review 2021

However the Survey Club is not operating independently and relies on other survey sites such as Opinion outpost, National Consumer Panel and E Poll to provide consistent survey opportunities. To participate in these survey opportunities, you have to sign up with these survey sites as well. So to increase your potential income, you have to sign up to at least three or four survey sites.

All these partner survey sites are legitimate and has excellent ranks in Trustpilot and can help you to earn lots of money on the long run. Joining these survey sites is not mandatory but if you want to earn a considerable amount of money, then it is recommended to join these partner survey sites. Besides there are not much independent surveys and they don’t offer much as well.

Also, if you don’t join these partner survey sites straight away, then the surveys that you will take will be redirected to these partner surveys sites forcing you to join them eventually.

Because of these facts, it is best to consider the Survey Club as an intermediary whose sole purpose is sending traffic to the partner survey sites.

How to make money with Survey Club?

Survey Club offer monetary rewards for completing surveys. Usually a survey completion will get you a reward of 50 cents to 5 dollars. These surveys are relatively smaller in both depth and length. The longer the survey is the more you will be paid. But you won’t come across these longer surveys more often.

There are some focus groups in Survey Clubs that will pay you hundreds if not thousands of dollars for being a part of them and for providing better insights. However the pay rates are depending on the focus group that you are a part of and the level of commitment you put on these jobs and the amount of expertise you could provide for the group. Example. – a medical research group experimenting on a new medicine or treatment procedure.

survey club featured studies
survey club featured studies

The minimum payment threshold is 25 USD and not that hard to achieve.

Survey Club Pros

    1. Rewards are paid in monetary form via PayPal or can be redeemed for gift cards from Amazon.
    2. Focus groups pay well and can pay you hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars based on your expertise regarding the fields, amount of commitment on the jobs, and the client of the focus group.
    3. It provides many survey opportunities consistently as it has partnered with many legitimate survey sites such as Opinion Outpost, E post and National Consumer Panel.
    4. All the partner sites of Survey Club and the Survey Club itself is a valid and legitimate online market research survey company.

Cons of Survey Club

    1. The panel can be considered as an intermediate to send traffic to partner survey sites. The way it works is very similar to a traffic hub that earns a commission when someone join another site through them. Because of this, they don’t provide much independent surveys and redirects to the survey opportunities of other sites if you didn’t sign up for them at first.
    2. Joining different surveys sites can take some time yet once it is done, you don’t  have to worry about that again.
    3. Their surveys opportunities are consistent and your inbox will receive tons of survey invitations because of this. However whether you are qualified to take that survey or not is revealed only after going to the site through the invitation link.

Survey Club Conclusion

The Survey Club is a legitimate site and has partnered with many legitimate survey sites to offer consistent amount of survey opportunities. Your demographics will however decide whether you are qualified to the survey or not.

Focus groups can pay you from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on your skill set, knowledge, and the expertise you could provide.

It has partnered with other legitimate survey companies to provide more survey opportunities, but you have to sign up with them to make more money in the long run.

Also, your rewards are paid in monetary form thus avoiding confusion regarding points. The minimum threshold is just $25.  Your rewards can be redeemed via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.


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