SpyFone Monitoring Software Review 2021.

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SpyFone Monitoring Software Review 2021.

Introduction to monitoring software.

Though monitoring someone’s Smartphone is considered a taboo subject, it is absolutely necessary when you have to keep an eye on your child’s online behavior or your employee’s code of conduct and the way manage the company’s resources.

In the age of information, we are closer to each other than ever before yet it could be dangerous and can have a life-changing impact if that other person who is in contact with your child is with malicious intent. Blackmailing over sensitive information, intimate photos, date rape, and the list could go on.

Thousands of children around the world are considering suicide and some of them kill themselves over the actions of blackmailers, molesters, bullies, etc. This is why you should keep an eye on your precious child or precious little sibling’s friends and contacts. Though it is kind of easy to do so in real life, it can be almost impossible to keep a track on their online and over the phone behavior. This is when SpyFone could come to help.

spyfone review 2020
spyfone review 2020

If you are an entrepreneur and owns a firm or a manufacturing facility, you have to keep a constant eye on resource management to make a profit. This is why you must monitor your employee’s work phone to see if they are wasting resources or not. This can even help to identify theft and mismanagement. This is where SpyFone could come handy.

However, mSpy, a mobile phone monitoring app proves to be the more advanced and feature-rich phone monitoring software when compared to the spyfone.

You can read the full review to understand why

mSpy Phone Monitoring Software Review 2020

How to install SpyFone.

The installation procedure is easy. You have to purchase the app at first. Install the app and log in. This process is easy and fast and takes as little as 15 minutes.

The app is compatible with both Android and iPhone and is updated continuously to ensure all the features are working and the overall stability and performance of the application.

SpyFone app can be used to view location in real-time. This is a valuable feature to see if your kid is in a safer place or whether your employees are not straying away from work.

SpyFone Features and Benefits

1. Web and Social Media Monitoring

Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many other social media, messaging services activities can be monitored from a remote location. You can also view the web history of the mobile phone using the SpyFone monitoring app.

2. Gmail monitoring

Using SpyFone, you can view sent and received messages from the Gmail application including inbound and outbound emails remotely.

3. Messages monitoring

You receive the actual SMS message with the receiver’s and sender’s information. This can be used to learn what your kid is typing about and whom they are in contact with.

4. Call monitoring

With the SpyFone app, you can get detailed information about each call, call time, call duration, caller’s contact details, and can easily find out just how much time they spend on each call and who and when they call from a remote location.

spyfone review 2020
spyfone review 2020

5. GPS monitoring

You can view the location of your kid or employee in real-time. You can view a pinpointed map of visited locations and this feature works when the GPS signal is available.

6. Application blocking

You can use the app to remotely block any program or you can restrict the usage of some programs including factory-installed programs or downloaded.

7. Messenger Logs

Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, Instagram, Skype, Whatsapp and other instant messenger services are used heavily as an alternative to regular texts. These messages can be monitored in real-time.

8. Alerts

Geo-Fencing, Contact alerts, profanity alert can be used to get alerts when your kids are up to activities prohibited on a mobile phone.

9. SMS Commands

When internet connection is not working on one end or both ends, you can send SMS commands to get GPS location, SIM card change detection alert, Lock, or Wipe the memory of the device. You can even delete information about calls and contacts remotely.

spyfone app sms commands
spyfone app sms commands

10. Photo ad video monitoring

You can view all pictures using the Smartphone. You can download pictures or videos stored on the cell phone through the SpyFone monitoring app.

11. Contacts and Notes monitoring

Name, Phone, Email, Company, Date, Title, can be retrieved from remotely. You can also use SpyFone app to get all contacts and saved notes from the target device.

12. Live control panel.

SpyFone also provides you with immediate monitoring, an instant current location map view, and informs screen view.

13. You can recover deleted messages easily.

This will come up handy if the user of the target device is trying to hide something.

14. SpyFone works 24/7 non-stop in stealth mode

This app works with Android devices and iOS devices.  The SpyFone app works in a stealth manner that won’t notify the user of the target phone.

You don’t have to have a jail broken device to use this app as it is compatible with any android or iOS device.

SpyFone Conclusion

It also provides the only live control panel which makes it easy to monitor real-time, a feature only the SpyFone can offer.

The SpyFone app can be used to monitor multiple devices at the same time.

They also provide stellar 24/7 support

However, I recommend mSpy over Spyfone due to the many advantages it provides. Read my full review to understand why.

mSpy Phone Monitoring Software Review 2020

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