Signature Surveys Review 2021. Legit or not?

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Signature Surveys Review 2021

What is Signature Surveys?

Signature Survey is an online market research survey site and it claims that it offers different ways to test a product or a service.

Signature Survey offers a bonus for new users as a welcoming gift. They offer 5 USD per every user who joins up their member network.

There’s also a 20 USD one-time bonus offer. To get this, however, you have to complete 8 offers that are given to you. Some of these offers will disqualify you and that will leave you with less than eight offers available, so good luck making that 20$.

signature surveys review 2020
signature surveys review 2021

These survey offers are actually provided by other survey sites so most of the time you may get redirected to their sites thus causing you to sign up for their sites as well. This can take some time to complete and considering this it is safe to say that the Signature Surveys is more like a traffic hub, which acts as a site that is sending traffic to other sites for a commission.

Only citizens of the USA can join Signature surveys.

Do remember that online market research is a legitimate earning method that is widely used and easy to do. Many people are doing this and making money out of this. It is good as a secondary means of income and not going to replace an average daily salary by any means.

How to earn money with Signature Surveys?

You will receive Survey opportunities to your email account. Also, many offers and promotions of their partner accounts will be sent to you as well. There are many partners including  InboxPays, NPD online, and YouGov.

However unsubscribing these emails from partners will lead to getting your account canceled and the amount of money you made to that point will be taken from you as well.

So, provide them an email address that you specifically have for stuff like this.

Once you have signed up and completed the profile, there will be some offers available to you.

However, completing the profile can be riskier as well. The reason for this is some of these questions are actually hidden promotions that may ask you to sign up for their services and business promotions.

signature surveys
signature surveys

Completing offers.

The availability of these offers is based on your demographics. These specifically targeted offers are based on your demographics to maximize the chance of qualifying for a survey.

Each and every one of these offers will have a unique reward. Some of these rewards will get you 6 USD while some may get you less than 50 cents.

Please note that some of these offers might ask for your credit card information and will require you to spend money to get rewards. In this case, give extra attention to these listing as well as the terms and conditions.

Some of these offers may ask you to sign up for a service or to provide your email address or phone number to a certain company or service provider, so they could send promotion material.

Do not sign up for services that you do not want to.

You can make money by completing surveys and tasks. The minimum threshold is 20 USD and it can take some time to reach that.

Refer to get money.

You can refer this website to friends to get a cool 0.50 USD per every friend who joins and if you could get more than 50 friends, Signature Survey will pay 1 USD per one.

Pros of Signature Surveys

    1. A cool welcoming bonus of 5 USD
    2. The minimum threshold is 20 USD which is not much.
    3. Promotes few stellar survey sites.
    4. No membership fee or hidden membership cost.

Cons of Signature Surveys

    1. Contains spam and offers that could make you lose money. So pay extra attention to these offers and always read terms and conditions before providing your credit card details or making a purchase.
    2. The amount of offers that are available is based on your demographics, so don’t expect to make a big amount of money.
    3. Some offers are too little paid to even bother with.
    4. Acts as a traffic hub to send traffic to other survey sites, thus making you to sign up for them as well to complete the offers.
    5. Providing your mobile phone number to marketing companies can result in spam calls.
    6. Hidden promotions and offers that look like regular everyday questions. Once confirmed, they may ask you for credit card details and this is not a good sign.

Signature Surveys Conclusion.

Signature Surveys don’t offer many survey offers of their own. Most of the offers are promoted by other survey sites. To complete those offers, you have to sign up with them as well.

It acts as a traffic hub and connects many websites and offers their offers and tasks, but to get these offers you have to sign up with them by providing email addresses and sometimes even the phone number.

There are offers that may require you to provide credit card information as well as spending money on services and products. Don’t spend money or credit card information, if you are not interested in purchasing that thing as the reward you get as a cashback offer is not much.

Besides that, it can become much troublesome after a while because of the constant spam offers you get in email.

Do not join



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