SaferVPN Review 2021

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SaferVPN Review 2021

What is SaferVPN?

safervpn review 2020 1
safervpn review 2020 1

SaferVPN is a product of Safer Social Ltd. With SaferVPN you can access unrestricted, secure, and private automatically.

They have 700 plus global server network and all the servers are 100 % in house to provide the fastest and most trustworthy service possible.

These servers are located in more than 34 locations around the globe and provide unlimited server switching to ensure a smooth and stable secure internet connection.

The SaferVPN comes with many tools and features of a capable VPN, but there are few issues that need to be addressed first. Performance is not on par with CyberGhost, SurfShark, HideMyAss, or NordVPN.

How does SaferVPN provides protection?

SaferVPN comes with a competitive set of features and tools to provide protection against cyber threats. SaferVPN provides dedicated client applications for Windows OS, macOS, iOS, and Windows OS.

The SaferVPN provides support and detailed step by step tutorials on configuring routers and client applications provided for other platforms and devices.

The automatic protection feature ensures the safety of your private and financial data even when you are connected to a public network.

SaferVPN got a 4.6-star rating on the TrustPilot based on 2189 reviews.

Features of the SaferVPN

1. No logging policy.

SaferVPN comes with a No Logging policy. In other words, they are assuring us that they will never ever log or monitor your VPN network traffic. This policy is established to provide more privacy to the user. SaferVPN doesn’t log your IP address, DNS queries, VPN IP address, personal data, browsing preferences, browsing history, or your metadata.

2. Smart WiFi protection.

With the Smart WiFi protection feature, the SaferVPN turns on automatically as soon as our devices are connected to a public hotspot or any unsecured network. This helps you to keep your data safer without worrying about what kind of network you are connected to.

3. Number of devices covered by SaferVPN

You can have five simultaneous connections at a time.

4. Accessing sites with geo blockades.

SaferVPN is capable of accessing blocked sites from any location. The way they achieve this is by cloaking your IP address and its geo-location, using encryption and geo masking.

5. Online browsing privately.

With SaferVPN, you can surf privately as SaferVPN is cloaking your location and personal information to prevent websites, organizations, marketing agencies from tracking you.

6. Easy to use hustle free User interface.

You can connect to the internet in a secure way from any device with a simple click of a button.

7. Higher speed connectivity.

One of the major problems regarding VPNs is the speed of the internet connection. With SaferVPN, you can browse with lightning-fast connection speeds despite your geolocation. They have a global network of high-speed servers and automatically connects you to one of those servers that can give you the highest speed secure internet accessibility possible.

Also, SaferVPN manages their server networks in the house to provide the fastest, most stable, and security-focused connection possible.

8. Unlimited bandwidth and downloading.

SaferVPN comes without any download caps or bandwidth limits. So, you can download or watch online streaming services without worrying about bandwidth limitations or download caps.

9. Torrenting with SaferVPN

SaferVPN provides limited support for torrenting and only servers located in Canada, Netherlands, and Spain are supporting torrenting and P2P file-sharing clients. This means, if many people are trying to use the SaferVPN for torrenting, they have to choose either one of the three supported servers, making their bandwidth significantly lesser.

10. Banking grade encryption.

SaferVPN provides 256-bit banking grade encryption which is really hard to crack. It also comes with automatic WiFi security.

11. VPN kill switch feature.

Kill switch feature is a valuable feature in SaferVPN. Kill switch feature make sure that your personal information safe and won’t allow anyone or any organization to spy on even for a brief time. If there is a breach, then the kill switch feature automatically activates itself to cut off the connection.

11. 24/7 customer support.

The SaferVPN provides 24/7 friendly and polite customer support via live chat or email.

Speed and Performance

The SaferVPN claims to help you browse the internet without any restrictions and the Windows application recommends specific servers for specific needs. For example, when connecting to UK based streaming services like the BBC iPlayer, the SecureVPN recommends connecting to a UK Streaming location. So, I used a UK server to start the streaming the BBC iPlayer. However, it lacks a US Streaming location so to test whether everything would work if we connect to a US-based server, I did so and found out that Amazon Prime doesn’t work. Netflix worked though.

However, CyberGhost offers the best VPN support for streaming services with the help of its dedicated to streaming servers. CyberGhost VPN offered better connectivity, reliability, shorter connecting and reconnecting time intervals, better frame rates, and overall quality was better in every way than it was with other VPN connections. NordVPN also offered decent streaming quality.

Number of servers and server locations

SaferVPN has a network of 1300+ servers spread across 50+ countries around the globe. These servers are powered by a company called WLVPN, which provides white-label VPN services to other providers. Torrenting is supported by only three servers located in Canada, Netherlands, and Spain.

VPN protocols used by the SaferVPN

VPN protocol options
VPN protocol options

There are many ways to establish a VPN connection. OpenVPN protocol is the most secure and reliable VPN protocol in existence. SaferVPN supports IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP protocols. They also provide detailed information on their official website regarding every and each protocol and the benefits and disadvantages that they provide.

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Ease of use.

Setting up the SaferVPN is very easy. Download the Windows client application for Windows OS and install it following the easy to understand steps. It only takes a few minutes to complete the installation.

The client application for windows provides you to connect to the nearest server with a single click. You have the option to select a preferred location from a list as well. However, you cannot see the locations within a country and there is no server related information such as the load figures. You can however search on the search toolbar to find the server of your liking. You can also add any server in the list to your Favourites list for easy access later.

Tips to get the best protection from SaferVPN

To save system resources, SaferVPN takes a performance-oriented approach and due to this, the notifications are not turned on by default. It is recommended to turn it on to get a clear idea on the status of the VPN service. If some problem with the connectivity occurs, a desktop notification regarding that will pop up. To turn on the notifications feature, go to the settings and click on it.

If you do not turn on desktop notifications, the application won’t show you which country is selected if you have decided to connect to the nearest server as it automatically redirects you to some other server.  You may not notice until you experience geological restrictions etc.

The Windows application provides you the ability to chose a protocol of your liking out of OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP,PPTP. After choosing one, SaferVPN will automatically establish a VPN connection.

The built-in kill switch blocks the internet connection in the case of VPN failure. This feature protects your private and financial data from any intruders. However, it takes a few seconds for the app to recognize when the VPN connectivity fails, usually taking up to 10 to 15 seconds before you are protected again.

However, if the VPN connection fails because of a failure in the OpenVPN process, the app will give you just a notification and doesn’t try to re-establish the VPN connection. Due to this, the system is unprotected and it will stay that way until you notice the notification.

Dropping the other protocols also resulted in the same sort of situation. Kill switch has no practicality at all.


SaferVPN provides coverage for all major Operating systems. SaferVPN also provides client applications for Windows OS, iOS, Android OS, iOS, macOS. It also provides browser extensions for chrome and firefox.

safervpn android
safervpn android
safervpn iOS app
safervpn iOS app

Price and Packaging

There are three packages and these packages are subscription-based.

You can also get 30-day money-back guarantee for these three packages.

1. 3 years package.

The three-year subscription SaferVPN package comes with an $89.99 bill and billed for every 36 months. So, you have to pay only $2.50 per month

2. 2-year package.

This package comes with a$ 78.96 bill and billed for every 24 months.

So, you have to pay $3.29 per month.

3. 1-year package.

This package comes with a $65.88 bill and billed every 12 months. So, you have to pay only $ 5.49 per month.

4. One month package.

This package comes with a $12.95 per month monthly fee.

One month’s plan is a little bit expensive when compared to the monthly plans provided by other VPN provides, but when opting for an annual plan, the cost per month is decreasing rapidly, making them cost-effective in the long run.

SaferVPN Final Recap

SaferVPN is a cheaper alternative to more expensive VPN services. It also provides support for many VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP.

It comes with a built-in kill switch that doesn’t work properly resulting in DNS leaks. It also provides support for torrenting and streaming. Only three servers are available for torrenting resulted in possible slowdowns as the more users getting connected to a server the lesser the bandwidth you could use.

Could not access Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Disney + while using the SaferVPN making it not that practical choice for accessing streaming services within the USA.

Speed and Performance were also troublesome as it had a huge impact on the speed of the internet connection, especially when connected to faraway servers.

Due to these reasons, I cannot recommend SaferVPN to anyone and therefore I would like to recommend CyberGhost VPN or SurfShark VPN innstead of this.

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