Pinecone Research Review 2021

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Pinecone Research Review 2021

What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is one of the most famous and oldest online marketing research survey sites and is owned and run by Nielsen, one of the leading market research companies. The vision of Pinecone research is to improve the quality of products and services by collecting the insights, experience, and demands of customers and potential customers through international-level research.

pinecone research 2020 review
pinecone research 2021 review

How to join Pinecone research?

Currently, Pinecone research is an invitation-only to join a survey site. So, the potential members must be invited by current members to join through a link. Lucky for you, I got a one right here.

As long as you live in America, Canada, Germany, or U.K (Britain including Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, and Australia) click the link below to join Pinecone research.

Click here to join Pinecone Research.

Pinecone Research Canadian Offer

Pinecone Research French Offer

Pinecone Research German Offer

Pinecone Research UK Offer

After creating an account after going through a basic sign up form and email verification, you will be asked to provide some personal information such as annual household income, car and automobile accessories that you use, number of members in a household, the health status of you and your family. These questions will be added to your profile and these can be updated with time to keep your profile relevant and up to date.

How to earn money with Pinecone research?

1. Survey completion

Surveys have some average questions focusing on your demographics. These questions usually require the same answers that you provided earlier on when completing the profile. Answering differently may cause the system to identify you as a possible con artist and has a possibility of disqualifying surveys and not offering survey opportunities and even complete closure of user accounts.

So, keep in mind to complete your profile with honest answers or at least try to remember what you were feeding the system.

Pinecone research rewards 2020
Pinecone research rewards 2021

The survey offers provided by Pinecone Research is are usually short in length and take about 10 to 20 minutes to complete. These usual surveys have a minimum reward of 3 $.

Sometimes Pinecone research may also send short surveys that will take only 2 to 5 minutes to complete. These short surveys offer you a reward of 50 cents to complete, not sound much, yet are still important in the long run.

A survey will offer a certain amount of points as a reward and the amount of points that you get from completing a survey is based on the length, depth, level of expertise you provide, and the client who offering the survey. The Pinecone research offers a minimum reward of 300 points per each survey. There are surveys that could earn away more than that.

2. Product testing

The longer you work the more chances of you getting selected for product testing offers.

Pinecone research sometimes sends products through the mail and asks their members to test them in a day to day basis. Usually, these products are physical products or foods and beverages packed inside a cooler box. A follow-up survey will be sent to the user via an email invitation asking for user experience as a part of the product test. These follow up surveys will get the member a 3$ or more.

These product testing opportunities don’t happen on regular basis and when it happens, you get free food, beverages, or a physical product like a toy or an electric appliance plus a cool monetary reward after completing the follow-up survey.

3. Automatic bi-weekly and quarterly drawing.

Pinecone Research enters the active members into a bi-weekly and quarterly drawing and every active user is included in the pool.

One winner is chosen from the bi-weekly draw and gets a reward of 500$. The winner of the quarterly draw gets a cool 4,500$.

You don’t have to do anything special or ridiculous to get selected. Being active is all it takes.

How to get paid with Pinecone research?

The Pinecone research rewards its members a minimum of 300 points for every completed survey.

pincone research consumer advocate organization rating
pincone research consumer advocate organization rating

300 points may equal to 3 USD for Americans, 3 Euros for Britons, and 3 CAD for Canadians.

The first survey available to you will have a reward of 300 points and as soon as you complete it, the Pinecone research will automatically send a bank cheque to the address you provided. This is practiced as a safety measure to assure the accuracy of your identity and details in your account. After this, you will have the option to choose from a wide varied  ways to redeem your points.

The reward points then can be redeemed as money via a valid PayPal account or as a cheque or in many different ways. All of the possible

ways are as follows.

1. PayPal

To withdraw money to a PayPal account may take three to five working days without any extra fees. The minimum threshold is 3 $.

2. Bank cheque

To withdraw as a cheque, you have to choose payment denominations of 3$, 5$, or 15$. The processing period is usually 3 to 5 working days and after that, the cheque is mailed. This procedure is time-consuming than PayPal.

3. Amazon eCards

You can redeem points for an Amazon gift card that will be sent to your email inbox.

4. Virtual Prepaid Visa card

Some Visa cards are only available to people from the USA and territories of the USA.

5. Gift Cards

Pinecone research offers a wide variety of gift cards and merchandise deals including many household names such as Starbucks, iTunes, Walmart and many others.

Pros of Pinecone research

    1. Surveys and product testing opportunities provide you nice incentives and monetary rewards.
    2. They pay more than others pay per survey.Amount of money you could make per survey is based on survey length, survey depth, provider of the survey and your level of expertise. The minimum pay for average survey is 3 dollars and you can earn a lot more than that for taking longer surveys. Quick surveys that take only few minutes to complete will get you 50 cents.
    3. Surveys are easy to complete and takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes to complete.
    4. Product testing opportunities are providing you free food items and beverages packed in a cooler or a physical product such as an electric appliance or a toy that you can keep for free.
    5. The minimum threshold is 3 dollars. This is the lowest in the industry as competitors are usually asking for a minimum threshold of 20 $ or more.
    6. Quick customer service that replies within 3 business days. Sometimes they respond within a few hours. You can send an inquiry through their website.
    7. Bi-weekly and quarterly draw. Every active user is eligible for these draws. The winner of a bi-weekly draw gets a 200$ as a bonus. The winner of the quarterly draw gets a cool 4500$.

Cons of Pinecone research

    1. Paid in points and this can be confusing. 100 points are equal to 1 USD, 1 CAD, or 1 Euro for the Americans, Canadians, and Europeans (Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany) respectively.
    2. Pinecone has an invitation-only membership. So not everyone can win unless you come across a one. Lucky for you I am here.

Pinecone Research Conclusion

Pinecone Research is a reputed and trustworthy online market research survey companies and is owned by the market research giant Nielsen ratings.

They pay the highest rewards per survey and even their minimum payment of 3 dollars per survey is double the amount of what the competitors will pay.

Surveys are well managed, well organized, and easy to understand. Usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

This will provide a passive secondary income if you keep active and may earn you some money without having to commit much time.

Pinecone Research Canadian Offer

Pinecone Research French Offer

Pinecone Research German Offer

Pinecone Research UK Offer

Pinrecone research review 2020
Pinrecone research review 2021

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