Opinion Inn Review 2021.

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Opinion Inn Review 2021.

What is Opinion Inn?

OpinionInn is an online community which is dedicated to helping its consumers to express their concerns, reviews, and opinions to many world-renowned companies.

This customer feedback is valuable to these companies to identify certain aspects of product quality, customer demands, customer orientation, etc. They then use these data to improve their product quality and after-sales customer services and to understand customer’s needs.

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opinion inn review 2021

But, getting these details in a traditional way requires field agents, and employing them to go from door to door is ineffective, time-consuming, and costly.

This is where Opinion Inn comes to play. Opinion Inn receives and process customer feedback and provides it to the companies who are in need of data for market research and quality improvements. So, the companies pay the Opinion Inn to carry out the process on behalf of them.

These clients include market research agencies, multinational corporations, fashion brands, public organizations, personal relations agencies, and individuals.

Customers of these companies can give their honest reviews and the OpinionInn provides cash rewards as an incentive for that. The customers can further express their thoughts by participating in online polls which are created to cover many market fields.

Once you have become a member of their online community, they offer their services for you free of charge. And as an added bonus they are also paying you cash rewards for taking surveys.

How to become a member of the Opinion Inn?

You have to click on the “Sign Up” button on the main screen of the site. After that, you have to fill up the sign-up form with basic questions. Once you have completed, you will receive an email with a verification link. After the email is verified by you, your registration will be confirmed and you will be able to participate in surveys.

Registration to OpinionInn is free of charge and no payment is asked before or after the registration process.

The Opinion Inn suggests that they will be able to ensure faster disbursement of incentives if you provide the same email address as your PayPal email address.

For signing up, you will be paid a 10.00 $ bonus as a welcome gift.  This is also encouraging the users to take part in surveys to teach the minimum threshold of 25 USD. After you have more than 25 USD or a minimum of 25 USD, this amount will be transferred to your PayPal account faster.

Join Opinion in today

Opinion Inn sign up
Opinion Inn sign up


Earning Money with OpinionInn

Earning money with the opinion outpost is easier than you think. OpinionInn is an online portal that is inviting thousands of people to take surveys on various fields such as food, fashion, and branding.

Some of these surveys are as simple as naming your favorite brand of coffee. The purpose of these surveys is to collect the customer’s opinion about products and services offered by companies including world renowned companies. This information is highly valuable for these companies to understand the market, customer satisfaction, customer demand, product quality improvement.

This is why these companies are paying market research companies like OpinionInn for providing this sort of information. OpinionInn provides the customer with a cash reward as an incentive for their part in providing information.

Once signed up, a bonus of 10 USD is provided as a welcome gift. Once you have made more money, you can withdraw it to a PayPal account. The minimum payment threshold is 25 USD.

opinion inn survey join today
opinion inn survey join today

The Opinion Inn is asking for the personal information of the user such as your name, gender, date of birth to send you the most suitable online surveys which will increase the possibility of qualifying. Additional information that you provide may further increase your chances to participate in many additional surveys.

You can add your information by clicking the “My profile” tab at the top of the screen. These questions are designed to improve the personalization of the surveys. Once information is provided, you will receive more and better-targeted survey invitations.

All the personal information is confidential and not shared with any third party.

For each completed survey, you will get paid between 25 cents and 20 USD and this depends on the length and depth of the survey. There will be invitations to take part in special surveys that could have even higher rewards. Small surveys can be completed within two minutes and bigger surveys will take 20 to 30 minutes.

These surveys will not be used to sell or promote a product or a service, nor will get targeted with any advertising or promotional propaganda material.

Opinion Inn Pros

    1.  Provides you their services for free when joining them.
    2. No asking membership fee or hidden fees. They pay you 10 USD just for joining up.
    3. The minimum threshold is 25 USD which is relatively low when compared with competitors.
    4. OpinionInn provides you with a wide variety of surveys to ensure relativity and personalization.
    5. Surveys are usually short and fun.
    6. There are so many ways to earn money.
    7. Doesn’t sell your personal information to anyone, just used to provide you more relevant surveys to increase the earning potential.
    8. Can get payments in PayPal or as gift cards including Amazon.

Cons of Opinion Inn

  1.  Not to speak of.

Opinion Inn Conclusion

Opinion Inn is an online market research survey site that is focusing on collecting and providing customer feedback regarding certain products or services on behalf of their clients. The usual time it takes to complete a small survey is between two and five minutes and a long survey will take twenty to thirty minutes. The payment per survey is in between 25 cents to 20 USD. Survey filling is an easier and kind of fun way to pass time and is ideal for a college student or anyone who’s interested in making some extra money without much time commitment. This won’t replace your full-time salary in any way but will serve you as a secondary source of income. Survey opportunities and eligibility will be based on your demographics and providing honest answers when completing your profile will make your chances of being qualified for a survey higher.

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