Opinion City Review 2021

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Opinion City Review 2021

What is opinion City?

Opinion City is a wonderful example of what a scam survey site is. I had some rough experiences with them. This is why I am writing you this full review, I know that I should not even bother to waste my time to write this review.

Like many other survey sites out there, Opinion City claims that you could earn 500$ per week. If you are familiar with survey filling and completing tasks listed in an online survey marketing company, you may realize that the income you get from completing those tasks alone is never going to replace a full-time payment that you could get from a decent job.

In case you just wonder, whether the fact that the Opinion City is legitimate or whether is it possible to earn 500$ per week, please read the review to the last to find out.

opinion city review 2020
opinion city review 2021

Opinion City is an online survey aggregator website and it connects you to many different paid websites. What happens in an aggregator site is that if you go to a partner site through the aggregator and if they sign up, the aggregator site gets a commission.

There are many aggregator websites that act as a traffic hub to redirect traffic to their partner survey sites and earns a commission out of it. There is nothing wrong with it. The problem with Opinion City is everything is fake.

Opinion Outpost in details.

There’s no information about the company or it’s the founder. There’s no details regarding anything.

The welcome greeting message which is posted by someone called Alyssa, a Consumer Trend Investigator, is the only detail about their company. Even that is about a promise that they will provide only legitimate offers and won’t scam you out of your money.

However, the photo of this Alyssa person turns out to be taken from a stock photo site or someone’s linked Inn account. I tried to find more information on her but failed to do so.

opinion city contact us
opinion city contact us

Their address is fake

Opinion City, 337 Garden Oaks Blvd #29779, Houston, TX 77018, United States.

This is the physical address that they claim to be the correct address to send your requests via post. I ran a quick search on the address and found out that as a matter of fact, the address belongs to a Finance Group that was established back in 2015. This financial group is actually providing services like Small Business leading, Equipment Financing, and Capital for startups and existing companies.

Also, I found out some interesting details about a scam that robbed people of their hard earned money was run by someone using the same address.

You can read the whole article here

To sign up you have to provide your name and a valid email address. After the account creation is done, you will be sent to a dashboard.

When you first enter the dashboard, you are presented with the following tabs. The “Highly Recommended”, “Paid Surveys”, “Bonus Surveys”.

You have to choose from these tabs on which one you would like to join.

On the Opinion City sites the main page, you will come across tabs like “highly recommended”, “paid surveys”, “work from home”, “bonus surveys” and “coupons and freebies”.

Is it possible to earn money with Opinion City?

Opinion City provides some survey offers that look like the real deal. But, the pay is low.

Most of the surveys would take 5 to 30 minutes to complete and the average pay is between one cent and a dollar.

opinion city scarcity offers
opinion city scarcity offers

So, if you send 12 hours a day, taking 20 minutes circa to complete a survey, you would complete 36 surveys. The average pay per survey is 15 cents and that’s going to get you in between 3 to 5 dollars.

But, the problem is that most of the offers are provided by scam sites that are going to steal your information without paying you a penny.

It is stated in their Privacy Policy that the user’s email will be shared with their mailing partner for the purpose of sending relevant third party emails.

opinion city privacy policy
opinion city privacy policy

This is a subtle way of getting your permission to bombard your email with SPAM.

Also, there are offers like, “you can make 75 $ per survey only 6 spots left”. These are just advertisements that are not only misleading but also pure ridiculous. The only thing that these advertisements are going to do is getting someone to join without thinking twice and sometimes for a membership fee.

They also got a rating system to rate the survey offers but sometimes the survey sites that provide next to nothing or even scam sites are sometimes listed with a 5 star or a 4 star rating.

Opinion City Conclusion

Opinion City is hideous and doesn’t reveal its real physical address. No information about the company nor the owner onsite or on the web.

Most of the survey opportunities that they rate with 5 stars and 4 stars are actually scams and frauds that will just make you lose your money.

There are some facts that you should be aware of when joining a survey site.

Some websites never pay you enough money or enough survey opportunities and it takes probably a year or more to reach their minimum threshold if you decide to hang in there. Many just leave after a month or two, so free information without paying what’s due.

There are some websites that act as an aggregator and connects other survey sites to earn a commission every time a user signs up with these partners. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if they are promoting scam offers and fraud misleading offers that would steal information, they wouldn’t pay you a penny.

What if they are promoting offers that would just rob you out of your rights, or steal your hard-earned money. Is it the right thing to do simply because they earn a commission?

Well, this is what they do at the Opinion City.

Don’t join and I recommend these sites that would help you to earn a side income of a few dozens of dollars a month or sometimes if you are lucky a 100$ a month. Please, do remember that you can’t replace a full-time income with survey filling alone.


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