Norton Secure VPN Review 2021

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Norton Secure VPN Review 2021

What is Norton Secure VPN?

Norton Secure VPN  is a VPN service that helps to secure private information such as IP address, GPS location, baking details, credit card details, online shopping details, login details, etc. Norton Secure VPN is securing your PC or smartphone even when it is connected to a public hotspot.

It also earned a name in the cybersecurity industry for providing a better set of cybersecurity tools in addition to flexible pricing. The Norton Secure VPN provides a reliable server network, integrated advertisement, and tracker blocking.


However, it doesn’t officially support P2P file transferring or torrenting clients like BitTorrent.

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Norton Secure VPN  features

1. Bank-grade encryption.

Norton Secure VPN comes with bank-grade encryption to provide secure browsing for your Windows PC, Mac, or Smartphone, even on public WiFi hotspots and unsecured networks.

2. Anonymous web surfing ability.

With Norton Secure VPN, you can browse the internet without revealing any personal information. Norton Secure VPN ensures your anonymity to provide you more secure web service. You can access your favourite websites, videos, apps, streaming services, when traveling, because your communication is secure despite the network that you are connected to. You can even connect to a public hotspot without worrying about the safety of your information.


3. DNS leak prevention.

The Norton Secure VPN is capable of hiding your IP address and DNS information from the ISP and website tracking cookies.

4. Norton Secure VPN and streaming services.

The Norton Secure VPN comes with support for streaming services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Disney +. This helps the user to bypass the geographical limitations imposed by the streaming services to ensure more clear legal agreements regarding broadcasting in specific geo-locations.

Due to this, streaming services are now using integrated VPN blocking algorithms to ensure that the geo-restrictions are still there. Norton Secure VPN was able to connect to Netflix while connected to the US-based VPN server without any problem.

5. Block tracking

Advertisers and media companies are tracking users based on their search queries and IP addresses. This is why Norton Secure VPN is blocking unwanted tracking to avoid being targeted while online by advertisers, companies, and individuals. Adblocking and tracking blocking is however not configurable and does the task automatically.

norton secure vpn ad blocking
norton secure vpn ad blocking

6. P2P file sharing (Torrenting) is not supported.

The P2P file-sharing clients such as BitTorrent are not supported by the Norton VPN. CyberGhost VPN, NordVPN, SurfShark, HideMyAss are supporting torrenting and CyberGhost even provide you specific servers for torrenting. CyberGhost also provides details regarding each server as well.

7. No log policy.

According to the privacy policy provided by the Norton Secure VPN, they route the user’s internet traffic through Symantec’s Network, which is a No Log network. No Log network means, that Symantec does not store user’s IP address when connected to their network, therefore cannot link specific data to a specific individual. It also comes with automated rule-based traffic management and it requires real-time analysis of internet data traffic, including the website’s user visits or the IP addresses, and the originating IP addresses, but no log is maintained regarding this information therefore cannot monitor the data either. They do not store information about the applications, websites, services, downloads either.

But, they are collecting anonymized information relevant for research which is also mentioned in the privacy policy.

The Symantec, parent company behind Norton Secure VPN has based n California, USA. The USA currently doesn’t have any laws that require the VPN companies to collect, process, or store user information, so users can stop worrying about just in case. Symantec says that were it to receive an order from the law enforcement to hand over the user activities or data, it could not as it doesn’t log or monitor any user information.

Speed and Performance.

Every VPN service has a considerable impact on the speed and performance of the network connection. To measure the speed and performance of Nord VPN and its impact on the network connectivity, we used the Ookla test. The first test was done without using a VPN to measure the real speed of the internet connection. Then the speed is measured while accessing from the different server locations.


Internet speed                   ping        download             upload


Connection without VPN  112                 87.34               71.45

Australia                              83                67.23               54.23

Belgium                                32                  72.42               69.21

Brazil                                    12                   45.23              37.12

Canada                                 45                   77.23              65.35

Denmark                               23                  55.34              45.23

France                                   51                  76.45               61.63

Germany                               101                69.99               56.78

Israel                                       66                34.55              31.56


All the tests and their results proved that the Norton Secure VPN had a considerable impact on the download and upload speeds but it wasn’t severe enough to interrupt my browsing or streaming tasks though, so average users do not have to worry about that kind of issues.

VPN protocols used in Norton Secure

There are multiple ways to establish a secure VPN connection. The most secure and reliable VPN protocol that you can use to establish a VPN connection is the OpenVPN. OpenVPN has a big reputation for speed and reliability. OpenVPN is, however, open-source software that has been picked over for vulnerabilities, but it got support from a dedicated following of developers who are consistently fixing bugs and vulnerabilities.

Norton Secure VPN is using OpenVPN for its client applications for Windows OS, macOS, and Android OS.

iOS devices are supported by IPsec protocol due to some corporate policies that Apple is policing around.

Servers and Server Locations.

The more servers to choose from the better as it improves the reliability and speed of your connectivity as you are getting a bigger amount of bandwidth as the number of people connected to a server is less. Also, you can be assured that no matter where you go, you will find a server nearby for better performance. And there are more locations to choose from when you are masking your location.

norton secure ios app server selection
norton secure ios app server selection

norton secure vpn ios appnorton secure vpn ios app

Norton Secure VPN offers more than 73 locations in 29 countries around the world to choose from. It also offers 1500 servers in total, which is a good amount for providing reliable connections for its users.

Some VPN service providers are relying heavily on virtual servers and virtual servers are actually software-defined servers hosed on a physical machine. Multiple virtual servers can be hosted on a single piece of hardware. These virtual servers can be configured to appear in another location when its host machine is actually located somewhere else.

Norton Secure VPN relies heavily on virtual servers and 1200 of its 1500 servers are as a matter of fact are virtual. However, all the virtual servers are located within the countries that they listed according to their official statements.

CyberGhost VPN is offering VPN servers in more than servers and server locations while SurfShark offers respectively. Due to these reasons, the CyberGhost and SurfShark are having a clear advantage over the Norton Secure VPN.

Ease of use.

Installation of the Norton Secure VPN client application on Windows computer just took minutes to install and configure. All the steps that you have to follow are automated and user-intuitive making it ready to work immediately out of the box.

norton secure vpn windows app
norton secure vpn windows app
norton vpn windows app
norton vpn windows app

















Most of the VPN companies have opted to create an app that stands apart from the operating system, Norton on the other hand however has anchored itself to the system tray. Most of people will not consider this as a disadvantage as they are not interested in meddling with the settings.

Norton Secure VPN wants to keep your VPN protection active always and doesn’t provide you a big Connect Disconnect button to do that. It just offers a small toggle switch at the bottom of the screen.

However, it is best to offer the users a more user intuitive interface than this.

Norton does not come with an option to change your VPN protocol or any other advanced features.

Norton Secure VPN is saying that they offer dedicated servers for video streaming and unblocking content but never provided a filter tool to sort out those servers from the selectable servers list.

CyberGhost VPN provides dedicated servers for streaming services and torrenting to provide improved speed and reliability. It also comes with an option to sort out the specific servers using the filter tools.

NordVPN comes with a host of specially configured servers for streaming video or connecting to the Tor anonymization network for better privacy. It provides a map that is informational and simple to use, a welcoming sight to anyone who is interested in exploring and experimenting with the features.

SurfShark VPN is also providing a better interface to meddle with advanced settings and other features.


The Norton Secure VPN provides support for Windows OS, macOS, iOS, and Android OS.

Norton doesn’t provide plug-ins for browsers. It does not support P2P file transferring clients such as BitTorrent.

It doesn’t provide steps or instructions on how to configure your router to support the VPN nor any client software for streaming devices.

Pricing and packaging.

Norton Secure VPN subscription is available on a package basis. Norton Secure VPN lets you choose a subscription that renews monthly or annually. If you are an option for an annual package, Norton provides you steep bonuses to honor the trust that you put in their products.

You can also choose how many devices you want to get covered with the VPN plan. Norton Secure VPN provides coverage for up to 10 devices with its plans.

Monthly Subscription packages for Norton Secure VPN.

    1. Coverage for one device – $4.99 per month.
    2. Coverage for five devices. – $7.99 per month.
    3. Coverage for 100 devices –  $9.99 per month.

Annual subscription packages for Norton Secure VPN.

    1. Coverage for one device –  $39.99 per year.
    2. Coverage for five devices –  $39.99 per year.
    3. Coverage for 10 devices – $59.99 per year.

The original price for the 2nd and 3rd plans is $49.99 and $99.99, but for a limited time, you get a 40% bonus when you access through this link.

The average amount of devices covered simultaneously is usually 3 to 5. Norton Secure VPN provides steep discounts bringing down the cost per month even lesser when opting for annual plans.

Norton 360 Deluxe package.

Norton 360 Deluxe package is providing multi-layer protection for your devices and secure web browsing for up to five devices. This package includes many features such as a password manager, a secure VPN, and protection of devices against viruses, malware, ransomware, and other online threats.

This package also comes with a Smart firewall for PC and Mac, online threat protection, parental control, safe cam, and a 50GB PC secure cloud backup.

This package got a subscription fee of $ 49.99 per year.

Norton 360 Deluxe package covers up to 5 PCs, Macs, Smartphones, and tablets.

Norton Secure VPN is coming with a no questions asked 60-day money-back guarantee as a part of an annual subscription.

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Norton Secure VPN Final Recap

The Norton Secure VPN is a capable and reliable VPN service provider with an acceptable amount of servers and server locations to choose from. However, most of their servers are virtual servers but they claim that those virtual servers are actually hosted on physical hardware based on the mentioned locations.

It also provides integrated ad blocking, tracker blocking features to keep your web browser preferences away from your ISP and 3rd parties.

Norton Secure VPN comes with a No Log policy to ensure that they are not storing, processing, or monitoring any user data.

It doesn’t provide any option to choose VPN protocols or to configure advanced features either. This is a sort of shortcoming as a power user is always interested in choosing a service that they could configure for their needs.

Norton Secure VPN also comes with support for streaming services but lacks any support for torrenting making it not ideal for people who are in need of a VPN service to cover up their torrenting need as many governments have already taken actions to ensure copyright protection.

CyberGhost VPN and SurfShark VPN provides more features and cleaner intuitive user interfaces. The CyberGhost and NordVPN provide a bigger amount of servers and server locations than the Norton Secure VPN does.

Despite lacking the ability to configure advanced features, Norton Secure VPN is undoubtedly a solid performer.

If you are interested in a VPN service that just keeps working after installation without meddling with settings and features, then this is for you.

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