NordVPN Review 2021. All you need to know

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NordVPN Review 2021

What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is a VPN service offered by Panama based NordVPN has been around 2012 and it is a reliable VPN that can be useful to encrypt all of your inbound and outbound communication via the internet. This encryption capability is useful to keep online spies and cybercriminals from stealing your information.

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NordVPN is not acting as a traditional VPN service at all. It offers an impressive arsenal of rare cybersecurity tools to provide stronger privacy and security.

The WireGuard VPN protocol is provided by NordVPN for their every client application.  NordVPN developer team has worked really hard to improve the security of its infrastructure, to put it in a leading position for the future. NordVPN provides excellent service without any compromises in security or performance.

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Features of NordVPN

1. Encrypts all inbound and outbound data.

All the data inbound and outbound travels through an encrypted tunnel to keep your data safely away from cybercriminals.

NordVPN provides direct access to the Tor anonymization network to make it, even more, harder to track your connection or browsing preferences.

2. Multihop servers.

NordVPN offers a dual VPN feature which is also known as multi-hop servers to keep your connection even more secure by adding an additional layer of security. This helps you to keep your connection secure even in case of one layer of security is somehow compromised.

The double VPN feature will reduce the speed of your connection because it sends your data through an encrypted tunnel to a server and reroutes it to another server to make it encrypted again.

3. No log policy.

NordVPN operates under the legal jurisdiction of Panama. Panama doesn’t have any laws requesting a company to retain data for any period of time.

It also holds no information on user activity and does not log any information regarding session information, used bandwidth, traffic logs, IP addresses, browsing preferences or connection time stamps.

Instead, it retains only the username and time of the last session, which expires just 15 minutes after the disconnection from the VPN.

4. Secure up to six devices.

You can secure up to six devices with a single subscription account. Devices such as PCs, Smartphones, iPads, tablets, Smart Tvs, and routers.

5. Global internet accessibility

NordVPN can bypass regional blockades and regional limitations by making your real location untraceable. Further, it provides the ability to change your virtual location to experience the internet without limitations. This helps you to access streaming services, social media, forums, news sites, messaging platforms without any censorship.

NordVPN provides direct access to the Tor anonymization network to help you to keep your details hidden while bypassing geographically enforced restrictions or governmental regulations.

nordvpn server location selection
nordvpn server location selection

6. Smart algorithm to connect the right server

NordVPN is connecting to its servers with the help of a specifically developed algorithm which is finding the best possible server option for you at the moment. This is done automatically when you tap the quick connect button.

7. DNS Leak protection.

The DNS Leak protection feature makes sure that your VPN is not leaking your IP address or ISP information.

8. Streaming with NordVPN

The NordVPN comes with support for all the major streaming services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney +, and Amazon Prime. Most of the streaming services are using VPN detection features and blocking features to avoid any breach in geographically based coverage plans.

Nord VPN is able to bypass geologically enforced restrictions and can easily fool VPN detection features.

9. Military-grade encryption.

NordVPN is using military-grade 256bit AES encryption to keep your data secure.

10. High-speed secure internet connectivity.

NordVPN is offering servers in fifty-nine different countries around the globe to ensure reliable and fast VPN connectivity despite your location.

11. Kill switch feature.

To ensure that your personal information is not breached even for a brief moment, NordVPN comes with a feature called The Kill Switch technology. This features severe the connection instantly if there’s a security breach.

12. NordPass Password Manager

The NordPass password manager is offered as a paid option. NordPass is a capable password manager that can keep your passwords safe from prying eyes as well as spyware.

NordPass password manager is available for $2.94 per month. It allows you to easily import and store passwords easily but it lacks form filling capability.

It has an attractive interface, password sharing options, two-factor authentication.

13. File encryption with NordLocker.

The NordLocker is a file encryption tool. It is using 256 bit AES encryption to encrypt files. Users can securely share encrypted files very easily. It also provides an integrated Dropbox sharing feature.

This service is also offered as a paid extra feature.

NordLocker is available as either a one year plan or a one month plan. The one month plan costs you $1.49 per month.

The one year plan will cost only $1 per month.

14. 24/7 tech support.

If a customer is in need of professional guidance or tech support, NordVPN got stellar tech support agents who are working 24/7 to provide the best customer service possible.

15. VPN Protocol.

There are multiple ways to establish a VPN connection. The most secure VPN protocol in existence is the OpenVPN protocol, open-source software that has been thoroughly examined for vulnerabilities by thousands of experts in the cybersecurity field. The IKEv2/ IPSec is another famous VPN protocol that is heavily used for protecting iOS and macOS based devices.

The WireGuard is one of the newest VPN protocols and is highly acclaimed by the top cybersecurity experts for improved speed, better reliability, reduced connection time intervals, and better security. WireGuard is also an open-source technology and has only recently reached the mainstream, but NordVPN has already developed and distributed it at a large scale under the name NordLynx.

NordVPN is embracing WireGuard to have an edge over the competition by becoming future proof because the WireGuard VPN protocol is widely regarded as the next in place to take the crown from the OpenVPN.

NordVPN is using WIreGuard as default in its client applications for Windows OS, macOS, Android OS, and iOS. The OpenVPN is also available for all client applications as well. IKEv2 is available for the client applications for iOS, and macOS.

16. Static IP address (optional)

Static IP addresses are useful for preventing your VPN connection from being blocked in case you connect to the same region consistently. A Static IP address can help you to spoof your location without worrying about being detected by a VPN blocker.

If you are interested in purchasing a static IP address, NordVPN provides one for $5.83 per month. You can get dedicated IP addresses in France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, and the USA.

Number of servers and server locations

The best VPN services offer lots of servers and server locations around the world to give you the opportunity of masking your location and improving the connectivity speed and reliability by providing a server near your actual physical location.

nordvpn server location selection USA (2)
nordvpn server location selection USA (2)
nordvpn server location selection USA (3)
nordvpn server location selection USA (3)

NordVPN offers more than 5400 dedicated servers in 59 countries around the world to provide unlimited bandwidth for their users. The majority of NordVPN servers are located in the USA and UK, but it also has a good variety of server locations around the world.

Server locations are present in Asia, South America, Europe, Middle East, India, and even Africa. African continent and the South American continent are largely getting ignored by the VPN service providers due to the risks posed by the external factors to their employees and hardware.

NordVPN also provides servers in countries with strict data restriction policies, such as Turkey and Hong Kong.

Many VPN service providers are using virtual servers to keep up with the demand. Many virtual servers can be hosted on a physical machine. Some of the VPNs configure their virtual servers to appear in a different country despite the location of the physical machine that hosts them.

NordVPN claims that all of their 5400+ servers are dedicated servers and none are virtual servers. So, the servers are physically located where they claim to be.

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Number of devices supported by NordVPN

The Nord VPN provides simultaneous coverage for up to six devices. Most VPN services provide coverage for only 3 to 5 devices, but CyberGhost VPN provides protection for 7 devices at once. Both NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN are practical to a household with lots of devices. You do not have to worry about running out of slots.

Speed and Performance.

NordVPN provides one of the fastest VPN services currently in the market. To test its impact on the speed of the internet connection, we can use the Ookla test before using the VPN and while using the VPN.

It is evident that even when connected to faraway servers, the NordVPN is capable of providing fast and secure connectivity without any compromises;

NordVPN disadvantages.

NordVPN doesn’t offer a split tunneling feature. The split tunneling feature offers you the ability to route your data traffic outside the VPN tunnel. This feature enables you to whitelist specific URLs and websites to access them without using the VPN. Split tunneling is useful to access financial websites that prevent VPN protocols.

NordVPN Pricing and Packaging

NordVPN recently discontinued its free trial offering due to scammers taking advantage of it. However, to keep customer satisfaction and trust, they are now offering a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service. This eliminates any risk in case of customer dissatisfaction.

The 2-year plan is only $89 for now as a 68% discount can be get via this link, for a limited time only. Due to this discount, the monthly fee is getting reduced to $3.71. Otherwise, this plan costs you $286.80.

The six-month plan is $54 only, which is $9 per month.

One month’s plan is $11.95.

Choosing the 2-year plan upfront saves you a lot of money in the long run. However,  if you are not sure whether it is the right VPN service for you, opt for the one month plan and purchase the 2-year plan before the discount period is over.

Every package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee to avoid any risk in case of customer dissatisfaction.

NordVPN Final Recap

nordvpn review 2020
nordvpn review 2021

NordVPN has always offered an excellent user experience with its apps and provides support for all the major operating systems. NordVPN also provides client applications for Android OS, iOS, macOS, and Windows OS.

All the client applications for Windows OS, macOS, iOS, and Android OS comes with support for WireGuard VPN protocol, making NordVPN a future proof VPN service provider. The Windows OS and Android OS comes with OpenVPN as an option. The IKEv2 is provided as an option for iOS and macOS.

NordVPN provides multi-hop servers to add an extra layer of security, an integrated kill switch to eliminate any data leak in case of a failure in VPN connection, DNS leak prevention, and many other built in features.

The extra pay options like NordLock and NordPass are extremely useful to keep your data and files safer from the prying eyes.

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