mSpy Phone Monitoring Software Review 2021

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mSpy Phone Monitoring Software Review 2021

Introduction to mSpy

Phone monitoring applications are everywhere in the market these days and the market demand for this kind of software is greater than ever.

The main reason due to this is the threats lurking in the corners of the digital world as well as the environment that they live.

More and more kids are getting addicted to drugs and are getting lured into danger by limited-minded dangerous people such as drug dealers, molesters, etc. Due, to this reason, people are purchasing parental control applications to limit the accessibility to certain websites and applications or to limit the time period allowed to use certain activities such as gaming or internet web browsing.

There are many applications that provide you with basic features such as geo-tracking, viewing messages, phone calls, etc. But, choosing the right product is a must and to do that you have to get a clear idea of the features of the application. Also, you have to make sure that the product lives up to its promises.

What are the features? Is it accessible with my budget? Any significant drawbacks? Is it living up to its promises? All these questions are addressed here.

What is mSpy?

mspy review 2020
mspy review 2021

So what is mSpy? Is it an excellent monitoring application? How can mSpy help parents to monitor their children’s mobile and online activities? Let’s find out…

mSpy is an app that provides you remote access to all phone activities of a target user. It promises to provide you with all sent, received, or deleted messages, call log, incoming and outgoing calls, GPS location and routes, browsing history, all media files, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Snapchat, etc. mSpy is compatible with iOS and Android OS.

It is fairly easy to use and the installation procedure is easy as well. It takes only a couple of minutes and a few steps to complete the installation. mSpy can be installed on iOS and Android OS without root. Most of the monitoring applications require you to use a rooted device, but rooting is complex and can harm your device if something goes wrong. This is why we must provide a solution that can be applied to a stock device without compromising its functionalities.

Currently, mSpy got a 4-star rating in TrustPilot based on more than 1800 reviews out of which 69% of five star excellent ratings.

mSpy has excellent parental control features and it allows parents to receive reports to their mSpy account. These reports can vary in nature and will focus on providing details that you need the most.

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How does mSpy works?

The mSpy works by allowing you to view instant messages, phone calls, GPS location and social media activities, and more. The application is hidden from the user of the mobile phone and once it’s installed on the phone, there is no way of telling that it works.

The target user would not see any app icon, a user interface to meddle with settings either.

Once installed, the mSpy app has access to all data on an android mobile phone or an iOS device. You are provided with an online dashboard where you can access the data from a target device and you can view contacts, text, phone calls, and more in the dashboard.

The mSpy uses the internet connection of the device to send data to your dashboard so the target device must have a working internet connection to upload them to your dashboard. mSpy is not retrieving data if the internet connection is turned off, but as soon as the target device is connected to a network, all the data you want to see will be displayed on the dashboard.

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Features of the mSpy app

Web monitoring and limiting

The Internet is clearly the most important communication network that humanity has ever created. It comes with perks due to the accessibility it provides for all the information and entertainment, but it can be dangerous as there are thousands of malicious websites here and there. A child can fall victim to a website like this while browsing the internet.

You can block access to porn websites and several other unsuitable websites like gambling websites using parental control features provided by your web security service provider or by using the firewall.

block websites
block websites

You can read more about that here.

The web monitoring feature allows you to view a list of all the sites that your child visits. You can also see bookmarks, and can even get a notification when the child is typing specific keywords.


You can block specific websites that your child is visiting as well. The mSpy blocking feature allows you to block specific websites that the phone user visits via the Chrome browser or the Safari web browser. 3rd party web browsers are not covered.

web browsing activities
web browsing activities

Keylogging with mSpy keyboard

The mSpy keyboard is always forcing the OS to use it instead of other keyboards. You can do this by turning on the “force keyboard button” in the settings. mSpy keyboard tracks all the keystrokes that the user types.

This feature is excellent as it provides the parent an opportunity to monitor their kids to see whether they are into illegal activities or are using wrong obscene language.

Keyword Alerts

Keyword alerts are an excellent feature to keep track of your child’s online search preferences. Specific keywords of sexual nature such as porn or keywords related to drugs such as “Sputnik”, “cocaine”, “grass” etc can be tracked and every time your kid uses these words, you will be given an alert.

mspy Keyword alerts
mspy Keyword alerts

Geo tracking and Location tracking

The GPS tracking feature can be a blessing in disguise in case of your child or the target user goes missing. With the GPS locator, you can get to know the location of the child all the time. The GPS tracking accuracy is listed as able to show the exact location within 20 meters.

With the geofencing feature of mSpy, you can easily set safe boundaries to make sure that your child does not go beyond the set boundaries. If your child does, you will receive an instant notification.

geo location tracking
geo location tracking

Click on “Add New Fence” to input the new location. You can list allowed or forbidden locations as well. If your child is on a location that is listed as forbidden, you will receive an instant notification.

A location map is also available to you to help you find the exact location of the target device even if it is disconnected from the internet.

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Access to installed apps

The apps on Google Play Store the Apple Store might pose a threat to your child or can cause a distraction to their study environment. This is why the mSpy is having the ability to access and to control apps installed on the device of a target user.

You can view all the applications installed on the device. You can block or unblock each application to prevent the target user from using a harmful application.

Underage kids sometimes fake their information to join adults only dating websites with questionable stuff going around.

app blocking
app blocking

If you want to spy on your employees by installing this on their work phone to make sure that they are not stealing or misusing resources, you can use this application to block social media apps to prevent them from accessing these apps during work hours as these apps can cause distraction and leakages of sensitive information. This also improves productivity as well.

Monitoring Social Media Apps and messenger apps

Everyone is using social media apps these days. Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram, Line, and even signal are only a few of the messaging applications out there. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are very popular among the kids these days. This is why it is important to take necessary measures to avoid them falling victim to scams, online bullying, and sexual predators.

With the mSpy, you can read chats, contact information, details of the user profiles in any social media or messenger app via mSpy dashboard.

A shortlist of social media apps and messenger apps that can be tracked with mSpy

FB messenger. – mSpy lets you read the target device’s FB messages and group chats, including both date and time information with other relevant information.
iMessage. – only, mSpy can track the iMessage service on iOS. All communication information can be viewed from the dashboard.
Instagram. – mSpy can track messages with all the relevant information.
Kik. – One of the most powerful and widely popular messenger apps among the younger audience. You can track all incoming and outgoing messages with all relevant information.
Skype. – Skype call log with relevant information can be viewed. Block calls feature can be used to block contacts from your side.
Snapchat. – Snapchat pictures and Videos are automatically self destruct within 10 seconds but mSpy is capable of retrieving the shared content even though it is already removed.
Telegram. – Telegram also offers self destructing communication for better protection. Even the destroyed or deleted messages can be retrieved using the mSpy.
Tinder. -Tinder is the most famous dating app in the western part of the world. It also got a strong following in the teenage community. With mSpy, you can track all the chat interactions your teenager and someone else had to make sure that they are not getting targeted by a sexual predator or some con artist.
WhatsApp. – WhatsApp is famous for being feature-rich and for ease of use. mSpy can monitor all the information in WhatsApp including call log with relevant information, messages, and multimedia files stored in the WhatsApp folder.

Text message tracking and viewing

All the incoming and outgoing text messages including the deleted ones are can be retrieved from the target device to see if the user is in contact with unsuitable people. All the details will be available with relevant information such as the timestamp, phone number, etc.

Tracking incoming and outgoing calls

You can view all the incoming and outgoing calls with mSpy. You can see the log with call duration, call time, and total call numbers of the target device.

You can delete the call logs on the mSpy dashboard. Even in a case that the user of the target device deletes the call history, you will be still able to see it.

phone log
phone log

You can block contacts as well.

block calls
block calls

Email access using mSpy

The mSpy also provides the ability to view emails in the inbox and the outbox with all relevant information such as the time, senders address. Even the deleted emails can be viewed.

Calendar and schedule

All the calendar entries and scheduled entries can be viewed from the mSpy dashboard.

Access to multimedia files

Viewing Photos and Videos on a target device can be very helpful. Once the target user either download or take a recording of a video, audio, or an image, you can view it from the mSpy dashboard. All the videos and images are available with a timestamp attached to it.

Just like viewing something in your gallery, the mSpy dashboard shows it like thumbnails and you can select to view it in full screen. The Photos tab shows all the available images on the target device. It is divided into three sections to help you navigate through the media list. Images that were downloaded or taken today are shown in the first section. The second section shows recently taken pictures and the third section is dedicated to the older photos. This is an easy way to monitor what your kids are up to.

Compatibility of mSpy mobile phone monitoring app.

*Android OS

The mSpy app is compatible with Android devices running on Android OS 4.0 or more. To get information from the target device, the target device and the device that you are using to access mSpy dashboard must have access to the internet.
To install mSpy on Android devices, you must have physical access to them. After the installation is done, please reboot the device to make it work properly. You can install mSpy on either rooted or not-rooted Android device.

Features available on Android OS.

  • Tracking of messaging and social media applications.
  • Latest GPS location or the Geo fencing ability.
  • Text messages and call logs with the ability to block contacts.
  • Tracking browser history and preferences. Bookmarks and keyword alerts.
  • Multimedia files.
  • Access to contact list with the ability to block.
  • Remote Factory Reset to wipe out information.

*iOS with jailbreak

mSpy is compatible with jailbroken iOS 7 to 9.1. To install it on iPhone or an iPad, you need physical access to the device.
To retrieve information, the target device must have a working internet connection.

The tracking system must be jailbroken as well.

Available options on iOS with jailbreak.

  • Tracking of social media apps and messenger apps with the ability to view messages, multimedia files, etc.
  • You can block contacts from your side as well.
  • Geo-Fencing and GPS tracking.
  • Retrieve text messages and call log with all relevant information.
  • Contact list with ability to block contacts.
  • Access to internet and emails.
  • Browser history, bookmarks, keyword alerts to track browsing history and preferences.
  • Keylogger feature by forcing mSpy keyboard as the default.
  • Remote wipe out system.

*iOS without jailbreak

mSpy is compatible with all iOS releases and to make it work, the target device need a working internet connection.

However, if you have the credentials to log in to the iCloud, then you do not need physical access to the device at all. To make this method work, turn off the two-factor authentication for Apple ID and the iCloud backup should be turned on as well.

Available features on iOS without jailbreak.

  • Call log and text message information.
  • Multimedia files.
  • Messages on social media and messaging apps with the ability to block contacts.
  • Access to contact list with the ability to block contacts.
  • Browsing history, bookmarks, keyword alerts, etc.
  • Activity log.
  • Access to installed apps with the ability to block them.
  • Remote access to Wipe out the system.

Once set up, it won’t show an app icon or any user interface in the target device, making it completely stealth.

mSpy pricing and packaging.

There are several mSpy packages available and these are categorized as Phone and Computer.
Pricing for each option is based on the time period of the subscription.

Plans for Phone.

The basic plan for Phone.

The basic subscription for mobile devices is available if you want to spy on a mobile device.

1 month. – $26.99
3 months. – $59.99
12 months. – $99.99

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Premium Plan for Phone.

Geo-fencing, filtering websites and applications are available only with premium packages.

1 month. – $69.99
3 months. – $119.99
12 months. – $199.99

Plans for Computer.

mSpy for computers doesn’t provide many advanced features that it provides for mobile devices. There is only a basic package available due to this.

Basic for Computer.

1 month. – $26.69
3 months. – $39.99
12 months. – $69.99

Computer Family Kit.

This package provides monitoring of three devices and the features are as same as in the basic package.

6 months. – $119.97
12 months. – $167.97

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mSpy customer support

Customer support for mSpy is available as a 24/7 email or as live chat. Email support is for the basic packages and live chat is only for premium and non-jailbreak packages.

They also provide support for the installation process as well as any error met during the installation or after installation.

Response time for an email is within a 30-minute time frame. Chat feature is the fastest and usually connects with a customer support agent in less than 3 minutes.

mSpy Conclusion

mSpy is an excellent and reliable monitoring application with many built-in parental control features. Employers who want to track their employees to make sure that they are carrying out their tasks properly can use mSpy as well.

Most of the teenagers are using popular messaging and social media apps and are at a risk of falling victim to sexual predators, con artists, financial scams, etc more than ever. With the rising inquiries about cyberbullying and blackmailing, it is better to have some knowledge about what your kids are up to and who they are in contact with. This is where mSpy come to play.

It comes with many seriously awesome features such as geo-fencing, retrieving contact and communication information from social media and messenger apps, keyword alerts, keyloggers, browsing history viewing and blocking content are a few to name.

Pros of mSpy

1. Premium features. – keyword alerts. Keylogger, Geo fencing and much more for a reasonable price.
2. Simple installation process. – Step by step installation guide is easy to understand. It only takes a few minutes to install mSpy on Android or iOS.
3. Ease of use. – User interface of the dashboard is well managed and intuitive. All the information and files as well as the detailed reports are available for your convenience.
4. Geo fencing ability to make sure that your child is within the set boundaries.
5. Reliable and acceptable customer support.
6. Doesn’t slow down the target device in any significant way.
7. Comes with lots of features and functionality.
8. mSpy dashboard is user friendly and intuitive.
9. Can install this on any phone with Android OS 4.0 or newer, iOS with jailbreak or without jailbreak.

Cons of mSpy

1. GPS location is shown to the nearest 20m, but sometimes not that accurate. Location feature might not work if the location setting is turned off in the target device.
2. To install mSpy in some iOS devices, the device must be jailbroken. Jailbreaking is a complex and not so beginner friendly method that could go wrong resulting in hardware overclocking which might damage the mobile device to a level that it is not usable. However, iOS devices with iCloud connectivity can be tracked without any need for physical access or jailbreaking as long as you got iCloud credentials of the target device.
3. Single device usage as all the packages for phone category supports coverage only for one target device.

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mSpy Installation Process for iOS devices with jailbreak

Many of the older versions of iOS doesn’t have any jailbreak ability. In this case, you need an application variant of the mSpy called No jailbreak.

Check the iOS version of the target device by going to Settings -> General -> About -> Version.

After the jailbreaking is successful, go to the mSpy dashboard and click on iPhone to continue updates.

The jailbreaking process and the app installation will take some time.

If you are not confident to do the jailbreaking yourself, then better to get mSpy to do that as well, but of course for some extra money.

Installation process for iOS without jailbreak, you need credentials to iCloud.

Go to mSpy dashboard to configure options that suit your target device. Then mSpy will provide a simple step-by-step guide to set up the entire process.

Make sure that iCloud backup process is turned on the target device. Make sure that the two-factor authentication of Apple ID is turned off.

mSpy Installation for Android Users.

You need physical access to the phone. Go to the mSpy dashboard and select Android. mSpy will provide a simple step by step process to setup the whole system.

Android phones do not require to be rooted to access features in the basic package. However, to access to advanced features like access to communication and social media apps, you need the target device to be rooted.


Is it safe?

Yes. It is a legitimate app with a 4.0-star rating from the Trustpilot based on more than 1880 reviews. Once it is installed on the target device, it runs automatically in the background.

Does it work despite geolocation?

Yes. It works as long as the target device got a working internet connection. Please keep it in mind that you may face delays if the target device doesn’t have a strong connection or disconnected from the internet. As soon as it gets a stable connection, you can view all information without any hassle.

Will the target user get to know about mSpy working in the background.

mSpy doesn’t have an app icon or any interface to meddle with settings. It runs automatically after setting it up for the first time. After that, you could access the target device remotely via mSpy dashboard. There are lesser chances that the user of the target device getting to know about its presence.

How often is data being updated on the dashboard?

You can set a data update schedule to retrieve information. For an example, you can set data updates to happen every ten minutes or 30 minutes. The more frequent the data updates are the more battery and data usage of the target device will be.

Is it compatible with everything?

Android phones with Android 4.0 or higher are compatible. iOS devices running on iOS 6 to iOS 9.1 are also compatible with the jailbreak version.

All iOS versions are compatible with not-jailbroken version.

Is it illegal to use it?

Some laws may require you to inform the target user beforehand about the monitoring to keep misunderstandings at the bay. For example, an employer can use this to monitor his employees. Employees must be informed about it beforehand.

In some cases it is not. For example, most of the law enforcement agents agree with the fact that you have to monitor your child’s digital life to some extent.

If you want to monitor your spouse to see whether they are staying true to you, you must decide to tell them or not. I cannot recommend spying on your spouse or trying to explain your motives beforehand as it can lead to heated arguments and even cause mortal injuries to you.

Only reason I am sharing this review is to help you to choose the correct product as per your preferences. Any bodily harm that could happen when you try to talk your wife in to install this on her phone, cannot be blamed on me or I cannot hold responsible for that either.

Can I track multiple devices at once?

mSpy offers several packages and most of them list prices for one target device only. But, you can purchase more coverage for extra devices and all of them can be accessed from the control panel.

What do I recommend?

The premium plan for 12 months is the most budget-friendly as it is significantly reducing the monthly price when considering with 3-month plans or one month only plans.

It also comes with advanced features like Geo fencing and GPS tracking that are missing in the basic packages.

Can jailbreaking avoid warranty for the iPhone or the iPad?

Jailbreaking can avoid warranty. But, you can undo the jailbreaking by updating iOS version or by resetting the device back to factory settings. By doing that, you can use the guarantee as it is required to do so.

Can I remove mySpy from the target device?

Yes. To uninstall mySpy, simply click on installed app for iOS devices on the target device.

Step 01

Go to settings.

Click on installed apps.

Step 02

Click on “iPhone Internal Service” -> Modify -> Remove.

Step 03

Go back to settings. -> Go to Mobile Settings.

Step 04

Under Mobile Settings.

Click on Security -> System Admins -> Disable/Deactivate.

How to remove mSpy from Android devices

Go to Settings. -> Go to Applications.

Step 06

Under Applications.

Update Software -> Uninstall





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