MindsPay Review 2021. Read before you sign-up

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MindsPay review 2021

What is MindsPay?

MindsPay is an online market research survey site which is collecting user opinions about certain products and services on behalf of clients. It also acts as an aggregator website to send traffic to other online research survey websites. MindsPay collects a commission from the partner sites when someone signs up to a site through them.

Not much information regarding the company is given. The website also lists an address which is actually a post box address, which means that the company behind the MindsPay has decided to stay anonymous.

MindsPay websites domain name is registered for the first time back in 2010.

The MindsPay doesn’t ask for a membership fee nor has any hidden costs to contribute with them. Also, you have to be over 18 years of age and must be a US citizen to join them.

makemindspay review 2021

How to join the MindsPay?

Anyone who’s a US citizen and 18 or more than 18 years of age is capable of becoming a member of MindsPay. The signing up procedure is easy. The information you have to provide is the same drill that you have to follow when signing up with a normal website user account. After completing the sign-up form you have to verify your email account by clicking on the link that they send to your email account.

Once you have verified the email address, you will be taken to a page where you have to join up with five third party websites.

This can take a while but once it is done, you don’t have to worry about that again.

After signing up is completed you will be taken to a web page that informs you about a welcome cash bonus and you will be asked to complete some short profile surveys.

You don’t have to worry about scams or hidden offers as the MindsPay doesn’t trick you into that sort of stuff and provides clear visibility.

How to earn money with MindsPay?

1. Survey offers.

After the short profile surveys are completed, you will be taken to a page that is listing all the survey offers available. MindsPay doesn’t send you email invitations as many other companies do. Instead of that, they list down all the available survey offers.

These survey offers are actually linking you to other survey sites. To complete the survey offers, you have to sign up with the new websites as well. What happens here is that the MindsPay actually acts as an aggregator site.

In other words, it is acting as a bridge to send traffic to these other sites. Every time a user signs up with one of their partner websites, the MindsPay gets a commission. There’s nothing wrong with it, but this can be time-consuming when setting this up for the first time.

However, it must be noted that the MindsPay doesn’t rank nor provide a description for each one of the survey offers. Sometimes there’s few surveys offers with ranking and a clear description, yet most of the surveys without description nor ratings are low-paying ones.

Some survey offers to send you to many similar websites and it may be required of you to sign up with them as well.

There are many good-paying surveys offers in the list and there’s an equal amount of low paying survey offers here and there. At first, it would be harder to identify what’s good and what’s not. This can result in a bad user experience and a waste of time in return for small rewards.

2. The paid email offer.

You can also earn some money by receiving and reading emails from MindsPay. These emails usually contain offers and marketing content regarding certain products and services. Clicking on these links will take the user to the client 3rd party websites that are partnered with the MindsPay. This pays a certain amount of monetary reward to the user.

3. Referral program.

A referral program is a good way to increase your income potential as every time one of your referrals cash out, you get a commission of 10% of the amount that they cash out.

Redeeming rewards with MindsPay

MindsPay doesn’t have a stellar payment policy and doesn’t pay always for sharing user opinions. To earn more rewards, you have to follow email links or links to promotional offers that they have listed on their website.

The only way to redeem your rewards is a PayPal account. The minimum threshold is $50 and once you have surpassed it, you can request a cash-out. But, you have to wait 30 days to request a cash out after surpassing the minimum threshold.


Pros of MindsPay

    1. Provides a decent amount of survey opportunities but it is trickier to choose what’s best and what’s not.
    2. Can earn rewards for reading emails.
    3. The website is clean and intuitive.
    4. Mobile phone friendly making it easier to use.

Cons of MindsPay

    1. The payment policy can be unreliable and not much insight is provided regarding that as well.
    2. MindsPay acts as an aggregator website to send traffic to other online market research survey sites. When taking a survey, it may send you to one of these partner websites and it is required of you to sign up with them as well.
    3. To make some real money, you have to sign up with at least five survey sites. This can be time-consuming and tiresome for the first time.
    4.   Survey opportunities are not ranked nor a description is given per every survey offer. This can lead to a waste of time in return for a small reward.
    5. Customer service is not good.
    6. Spam emails will bombard your email account and these emails will be receiving even after unsubscribing from them.
    7. The minimum threshold is $50 which is too high when compared with other paid survey websites.
    8. You have to wait 30 days to request a cash out after surpassing the minimum threshold.
    9. Earning potential is low when comparing with other survey sites.
    10. The company behind the MindsPay doesn’t provide much data about themselves.
    11. Better Business Bureau gave them an F rating.


MindsPay conclusion

The MindsPay is not a scam site and they have paid people in the past. However, the company behind the MindsPay provides an address of a Post Box rather than sharing their real physical address. They do not provide much information regarding the company nor MindsPay website.

The domain was registered back in 2010 but the name of the property holder is not clear.

It is a survey aggregator website which is acting as a traffic hub to send traffic to other survey websites. MindsPay receives a commission from the partner survey sites, every time a person signs up with one of the partner survey sites through MindsPay.

The income potential is really low as the amount of low paying survey offers is are surpassing the well-paid survey offers. Lack of a proper rating system per each survey and the lack of descriptions per individual survey makes it hard to choose between good and bad offers.

The minimum threshold is $50 and has to wait 30 days after reaching the minimum threshold to request a cash-out. This payment policy alone makes the MindsPay impractical.

I can’t recommend MindsPay.

These are the Survey filling sites that I can recommend for you.

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