Inbox Pounds review 2021. Can you earn money with Inbox Pounds?

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Inbox Pounds review 2021

What is Inbox Pounds?

Inbox Pounds review 2020.
Inbox Pounds review 2021.

Inbox Pounds is a sister company of Inbox Dollars and Daily Rewards. Inbox Pounds is focusing on the UK audience, Daily Rewards is focusing on the Canadian audience and Inbox Dollars is for the people based in the USA.

CotterWeb Enterprises which started back in 2000, started an online market research survey site called Inbox Dollars. Back in 2005, the CotterWeb enterprises purchased a company called Send Earnings.

In 2005, CotterWeb Enterprises launched two sister sites called Inbox Pounds and Daily Rewards alongside the Inbox Dollars.

The CotterWebb Enterprises, Inbox Dollars, Inbox Pounds, and Daily Rewards all managed to get stellar ratings from Better Business Bureau constantly.

Back in 2019 the online market research survey giant, Prodigy purchased a whole lot of them, and currently, the Inbox Pounds is managed by them.

The Prodigy is a company that managed to get a stellar rating from the Better Business Bureau from the very inception.

How to sign up with Inbox Pounds?.

sign me up inboxpounds
sign me up inboxpounds

The Inbox Pounds is focusing on the UK audience, the Inbox Dollars is focusing on the USA audience while Daily Rewards is focusing on the Canadian audience.

To join Inbox Pounds, you have to be based in the UK. You can use this link to sign up. You will receive a bonus of 1 Euro as a one time bonus when you sign up.

If you are from the USA, then use the following link to join Inbox Dollars.

Canadian based audience can sign up by clicking the link below.

Inbox Pounds is 100% free of charge to join and doesn’t have any hidden membership fees attached to it.

How to make money with Inbox Pounds?

How to make money with Inbox Pounds
How to make money with Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds is a legitimate way to earn some money.

Once you sign up, you will be rewarded with a welcome gift of 1 Euro.  Then you will be asked to complete a To-Do List. This To-Do List is practically a list of surveys that are asking for some background information to complete your profile.

These profile surveys are easy and take a little time to complete, but pays you pennies per each survey you complete. There are a few additional surveys that you could take to earn even more.

Completing the profile does help the Inbox Pound to identify your demographics and based on your profile, they will target you with relevant and more personalized surveys to increase the chance of you getting qualified. This will result in a positive user experience.

inboxpounds how it works
inboxpounds how it works

The difference between Inbox Pounds Normal Membership and Gold Membership.

Inbox Pounds has two membership types. The normal membership is what you get when you sign up. But, when you reach the minimum threshold, which is 20 Euro, then you become a Gold member.

The normal membership comes with Free paid and free offers, paid survey opportunities, and games.

The Gold membership comes with weekly payments, more referral rewards, exclusive monthly offers, double search loyalty rewards additional to the services that came along with the normal membership.

This means that once you have reached the minimum threshold, which is 20 Euro, you get paid for the first time. This qualifies you for the golden membership. This is their way of detecting whether someone is getting the job done right with an overall idea of how things work.

Once you have become a golden member, everyone who signs up, who is not getting referred will be added to a group of people and they will be designated to the golden members.

Which means that you can earn more money even without referrals of your own. You will be paid a commission of 10% of the rewards of these people. 

The Inbox Pounds offer various ways to earn money. Here are all the various ways in detail.

1. Taking surveys with Inbox Pounds.

Inbox Pounds offers various survey opportunities and the amount that you will be paid per survey is depending on the survey length and depth, the client of the survey, and the level of expertise you could provide regarding that certain field.

The regular pay is around 20 to 50 pennies and usually takes less than 15 minutes to complete.  So, if you make an average of 25 pennies per survey and completed 5 surveys within an hour, then you can earn 1.25 Euro per hour. Which is in tally with many competitors.

There are many higher paying survey opportunities here and there.

This may not sound as much, but in the long run, it is going to add up to make it a reasonable amount. You can complete a survey or two on your way to work and you don’t need to have any time commitment either. Just log in and complete a survey or two when you are bored.

2. Referral program

You can invite your friends to join Inbox Pounds through a unique link. You just have to copy-paste the link and send it through email, WhatsApp, Viber, or as a text message.

For everyone signed up through you, you will get a commission of 10 % of the amount your referrals are making. This is not coming from the pocket of your referrals and is paid by the Inbox Pounds.


3. Receiving and reading emails.

You will be paid for receiving and reading emails from different 3rd parties. These emails are mostly promotional offers. You will be paid a penny per email. The pay is not good, I know, but when things add up, it is going to get you some pocket money without much time commitment as it takes only a few seconds to open an email.

4. Surfing the web.

Would you believe me if I told you that you could earn some money by searching online. All you have to do is searching through their own search engine. This is not going to pay much but it is going to add up a considerable amount of money if you do your web searching through this.

5. Cash offers

Cash offers are a fun way to earn some money with little commitment. Most of these offers are digital apps or service providers. All you have to do is go to a specific offer and read the description and join in if it sounds suitable.

For example, GFK Digital Trends offers a service that pays you for signing up with them. The Inbox Pounds pay you a reward of 4 Euro for this. All you have to do is downloading software and installing it on your device and surf the web with it. What happens is that the GFK Digital Trends going to monitor your search keywords and it is going to pay you for every time you search with them.

Another example, for signing up with a 30-day trial that is offered by Audible, one of the largest audiobook providers, will get you a 1.50 Euro bonus.

There are both free offers and cashback offers in here. Don’t purchase a product if you don’t have a need for it.

It is possible to categorize paid offers into three categories.

Sweepstake entries. – These sweepstake entries are provided by 3rd party companies and usually, you have to sign up with them and must give a valid phone number or an email address in the process. They are going to email you from time to time to encourage you to take part in their future sweepstakes.

Free trial. – Free trials are free of charge for a specific period of time and all you have to do is cancel them if you don’t need them before the trial is over to stop getting charged for that. Sometimes you have to provide payment details when you fill the signup form, so make sure that you remember what’s what and when it is going to end.

Casino and bingo sign-ups. – All you have to do is making a minimum deposit, and you will get a reward from Inbox Pounds for doing that. A cashback offer in disguise. If you want to join then please go through.

6. Playing Games.

You can download games from the app store and play them to get rewards. Sometimes there are rewards for going to a certain level of the game.

How to get paid with Inbox Pounds?

The minimum threshold is 20 Euro. This is the average threshold currently in the market.

Inbox Pounds used to pay the members with bank cheques and nowadays they have a different payment procedure.

These payment options are as follows.

    1. Pre-Paid Visa Cards.
    2. Gift cards from household names like Amazon.
    3. Bank cheques. The cheques will take up to three weeks to arrive via mail. Once you have got it, deposit in the bank account to get paid within a day.

Pros of Inbox Pounds

    1. User-friendly clean and intuitive website.
    2. Customer support is decent and offers its services through live chat support.
    3. There are many survey opportunities and the usual pay per survey is 20 to 50 pennies but there are surveys that pay even more. Takes less than 15 minutes to complete an average survey,
    4. A lot of cashback offers for depositing money with online casinos.
    5. The referral program offers a 10% commission of the amount earned by each one of your referrals.
    6. Once you have reached the minimum threshold you become a golden member and the users who are signing up without referral are being added to a group of people that will be assigned to you. Meaning, that you get a commission of 10% out of every reward they make, even they joined the program without going through your referral.
    7. Better rewards and better survey opportunities are offered to you after becoming a golden member.
    8. PayPal and gift card redeem options.

Cons of Inbox Pounds

    1. Sometimes a disqualification notice will be given to you when taking a survey. This is mainly because providing answers that are not similar to the profile information you gave them before.
    2. Cashback and free cash offer sometimes involve getting SPAM emails from the companies who are offering the deal.

Inbox Pounds Conclusion.

Inbox Pounds is offering a reasonable amount of survey opportunities and many extra ways to earn money without much time commitment. For example, if you are searching the web an hour a day, then you can do it through the search engine provided by Inbox Pounds. In the long run, it will make you a reasonable amount of money.

Cashback rewards and free cash offers sometimes give you nice bonuses and free trials. Some of the offers may ask for payment information beforehand and make sure that you sign up after reading the description carefully.

Some cashback offers can get you even 14 Euros. There are some free offers that pay you to sign up with them and provides you further free of charge trials of their products.

The membership is 100% free of charge and doesn’t come with any hidden membership costs. You also get a welcome bonus of 1 Euro when signing up for the first time.


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