Inbox Dollars Review 2021. Make money online

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Inbox Dollars Review 2021

What is Inbox Dollars?

inbox dollars review 2020
inbox dollars review 2021

Inbox Dollars is a popular and well reputed paid online market research survey site. It is a legitimate site and is considered as one of the pioneers in paid online survey networks.

Inbox Dollars is an online reward site that allows the members to provide their opinions on services and products in exchange for money. It was founded back in 2000 and has grown substantially. Currently it has millions of active members around the world.

Send Earnings was founded by CotterWeb Enterpirses. CotterWeb Enterprises was fouded back in 2000.

Back in 2005, the Inbox Dollars acquired an online market research company called Send Earnings and launched two companies called InboxPounds and DailyRewards. InboxPounds focused on British audience and DailyRewards focused on Canadian audience.

One of the largest online marketing research agencies, The Prodigy, purchased InboxDollars. In case you are wondering why on earth this “Prodigy” sounds familiar, then wonder no more. Prodigy is the parent company of Swagbucks and even MyPoints.

Is Inbox Dollars legitimate?

The Inbox Dollar has a 4 star rating out of 5 stars from the TrustPilot. They also got an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

inbox dollars trustpilot ratings
inbox dollars trustpilot ratings

The Inbox Dollars has been in the business since 2005 and also known for their sister companies inbox Pounds, Daily Rewards and, Send Earnings. All these companies were purchase by the Prodigy back in 2019. the Prodigy is one of the largest online market research agencies in the market.

inbox dollarsfacebook following
inbox dollars facebook following

How to join InBox Dollar?

Inbox Dollar is 100% free to use and doesn’t have any hidden membership fees either. InBoxDollars offers a one time welcome bonus of $5 for anyone whose creating an account with them.

Sign up with Inbox Dollars by clicking on this button below.

To join up with Inbox Dollars, you have to provide a valid email address. After verifying your email address, you will be asked to provide some information about your background. This data is then used to build up your profile. Inbox Dollars then use this data to target you with the most relevant and personalized survey offers to make it more relevant and easier to cope.

The income potential is based on several factors such as the level of expertise you could provide regarding a certain field, the depth and length of the surveys you take and your commitment.

How to earn money with Inbox Dollars?

The InBox Dollar offers many ways to earn money. The most famous way is earning rewards by completing surveys. You can also earn money by playing video games, by watching videos, by printing out coupons, by earning cash back offers, and by signing up with newsletters of their clients. Let’s take a look at these offers one by one to avoid confusion.

inbox dollars review 2020 partners
inbox dollars review 2021 partners

It also pays it’s users to sign up for services and newsletters of their clients.

The list of methods to earn money with Inbox Dollars

  1. Earning rewards by completing surveys.

The most common and famous way to earn money with Inbox Dollars is taking part in paid surveys. These surveys are offered by the clients of Inbox Dollars and these clients are in need of customer’s opinion about certain products and certain features. This information is vital to these client companies and they pay Inbox Dollars to collect and process data on behalf of them. This information is later used to improve customer satisfaction and to identify customer demands.

The amount you can earn per survey is depending on the level of expertise you could provide, the length and the depth of the survey and the client of the survey.

These surveys can vary from the easy to complete small surveys to in depth market research surveys that may take considerable time to complete.

You can complete surveys from either a computer or a mobile phone. There’s a separate app that you could download from the Google App Store or the Apple iStore.

The “free surveys” pays you around $ 0.25 and an take five to 10 minutes to complete.

inbox dollars rewards review 2020
inbox dollars rewards review 2021

2. Cashback offers

Inbox Dollars also acts as a shopping portal and has partnered with hundreds of brands and companies.  Some of these partners include Walmart, Target,Netflix. You get a cashback reward, when  you subscribe to an online paid service or purchase something from their partners through Inbox Dollars.

What happens is that the Inbox Dollars gets a commission from these clients when a user purchase something  through them. Inbox Dollars offers a cashback offer to provide a user an incentive for doing the shopping through them.

3. Coupons

Coupons are a fun way to earn money as well. Inbox Dollars offers Coupons for thousands of brands. In this section you can choose the coupon that you want to use. Just download and print it. When you use it while making a purchase, the Inbox Dollars will offer you a commission as well. It’s a win win situation as not only you are getting a discount with the coupon as well as getting rewarded for using that coupon.

4. Game playing

Inbox Dollars comes with a section in their website called “Paid Games”. Inbox Dollars further says that the users can earn rewards such as gift cards every time they download a game or by playing them online.

Make sure that these games are provided by reputable companies with good policies to ensure overall security of your digital devices.

5. Watching videos

With Inbox Dollars, you can earn money by watching videos. These videos are provided by the clients of the Inbox Dollars . These videos can vary from product endorsements to content like new TV shows and music. Every time you watch a video a certain reward is added to your account.

6. Paid Email program

This program offers a way to earn rewards by signing up with the newsletters regarding products and services offered by the clients of Inbox Dollars. After you sign up to several newsletters of the clients through the Inbox Dollars, you can earn rewards by simply  opening and reading email content.

These offers sometimes comes with offers that you may find useful.

For an example, if you receive an email about a new streaming service that is offering three months of their service for free of charge for signing up with them, then you can go to their web page through the link provided in the email to claim that offer.

How to redeem rewards that you earn with Inbox Dollars?

The Inbox Dollars does offer a sign up bonus of $5 and many ways to earn money online. To get paid you have to have a minimum threshold of $30 in your account. The minimum threshold is a little bit higher than the minimum thresholds of the competitors.

Inbox Dollars does charge a processing fee of $3 when you get paid after reaching the minimum threshold of $30. So, it is safe to say that they take a 10% cut to process the money.

Pros of Inbox Dollars

    1. A legitimate online market research website with stellar reviews.
    2. Pays in dollars and not in points to avoid confusion
    3. Provides a $5 welcome gift when signing up for the first time.
    4. Easy to use intuitive website and mobile phone app.
    5. Provide a good deal of surveys that you could take part in.
    6. Can make money by signing up to the newsletters of their partners.
    7. Can make cash back rewards by purchasing products from their partners through their network.
    8. You can watch videos to earn money.

Cons of Inbox Dollars

    1. Customer Support is self service only. You can contact customer support via live chat and can take some time to reach by one of the customer support individuals.
    2. It can take up to two weeks to get the payments processed.
    3. Minimum threshold is $30. This is a little bit higher when considering with competition.

Inbox Dollars Conclusion

Inbox Dollars is ideal for someone who’s interested in making some pocket money without any time commitment. It is ideal for students and people who are in need of some money without much time commitment and without sweating much.

There are many ways to earn money, but the earning potential is based on the demographics.

The rewards are listed in dollars rather than points. This is ideal to avoid confusion and to have a clear idea of how much you have earned so far.

You can earn a good amount of cashback rewards by purchasing products and services through their website. Also, the coupons may offer you discount for groceries and products that you may purchase online or offline. Every time you use a coupon, the Inbox Dollars will pay you a reward as well. This feature is ideal for someone whose doing shopping online. Many of the partners of the Inbox Dollars are household names such as Walmart, Target.  Clothing brands such as the GAP is among their partners. Not only you can earn discounts by using coupons and also can earn a reward for purchasing products and services.

Minimum threshold is $30 and it can take up to two weeks to get the payment processed. Inbox Dollar take a cut of $3 every time you request for a payment. So it is better to wait rather than cashing out once you made just the minimum threshold.



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