Hintsters Review 2021

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Hintsters Review 2021

What is Hintsters?

Hintsters is an online marketing survey company and has an online community of members where they can express their opinions, concerns, and insights.

The online membership is 100% free of charge and doesn’t have any hidden costs to it and provides the members  the ability to express their insights in either survey form filling or writing reviews about products and services.

Once you click on to register for membership, you will be asked to provide some personal information. Based on this information the Hintsters may target you with personalized and relevant surveys that you may feel easy to work with.

You will be provided with more opportunities to take part in Surveys or review writing based on your demographics.

hintsters review 2020
hintsters review 2021

Earning money with Hintsters

Sign up with Hintsters completely free of charge and it doesn’t come with any hidden membership fees either.

You can join Hintsters here. 

Hintsters USA Offer.

Hintsters Argentina Offer.

Hintsters Brazil Offer.

Hintsters Spain Offer.

Hintsters Mexico Offer.

Once you have created an account after verifying your email, you will be allowed to take surveys and writing reviews based on your demographics.

Taking Surveys

Hintsters provides a special feature called profiles. Profiles is their way of creating the most relevant survey and review writing opportunities. To get this done, the users are expected to provide more information about their experiences, educational and career background and interests. Based on these information you receive more personalized and relevant surveys and reviewing opportunities to increase the efficiency and relevancy. This also helps you to provide best insights as per your experience in the specific area. This also ensures that you always get more opportunities to complete jobs with higher possibility to get qualified.

Also, completing the profiles from start to finish will help the Hintsters to provide you with the most significant amount of related surveys. This will also ensure you receiving surveys that are mostly enjoyable for you to complete.

hintsers survey categories
hintsers survey categories

Product Testing

To earn more rewards you have to write accurate and relevant details on the reviews of a certain product or service offered by a company.

Highlighting both positives and negative, and comparing these positivity and negativities with other products and services will make sure that you have covered more fields and valuable insights were shared rather than writing some review. This will also increase the depth and relevancy of your product or service review.

So, you will get paid more for writing that sort of a review concerning a specific product or a service. Also, feel free to add personal tips and everyday life hacks to choose what’s best for a prospective customer.

Also, you get to read and to respond to all the reviews done by other members. This will prove useful incase you are in the market for something or some service as you can learn more about possible service providers and their alternatives. You can ask questions about these reviews from their authors as well. Engaging with commenter and writing comments on posts by others will get you more exposure and will give you insights on how to improve your life in a positive way by choosing the right product and right service.

You can also save the listing regarding different products and services and can view them by clicking on a tab called “Saved ” in your Activity account.

You can also add a new listing for the categories that the Hintsters are currently providing  nd you can always come back from time to time if the category that you looked for didn’t exist as they constantly adds up new relevant categories.

When you add a listing, search first to make sure that product or service is not listed and simply click on “Add a listing ” button to make a new entrance under provided categories.

This will help you to gather insights of other members of Hintsters.

It usually takes only 10 to 20 minutes to complete a survey but sometimes you may come across shorter and longer surveys. To help the user identify what kind of time commitment is involved, the Hintsters always inform the user of expected time that will take to complete each survey.

The criteria and content of a survey is determined by the needs and demands of specific clients and because of this the nature of a survey will be unique and highly likely to be different from each other. This will make sure that almost all the surveys will provide a different user experience. Some of the surveys will be more demanding and will take much more time to complete but some surveys will be relatively simple and probably need only few minutes to complete.

Once completed, to ensure the relevance, quality and integrity of the information provided by you will be checked and will be validated the result of each survey by the people at the Hintsters and until this process is getting done, your status will be shown as pending alongside the survey and will be shown as earned after the validation.

There are plenty of surveys that requires the participation of international members outside Americas. Even though you are not American, you will still get invited to many surveys to be a part of as soon as they become available.

How to get paid with Hintsters?

You can check the status of payments by clicking on the “Rewards” tab in My Account. Another feature in this section is an “account snapshot” which details your earning history and the account balance that you must have to be able to redeem for rewards as well as the total pending. This is an easy way to manage the rewards profile.

Once you have reach the minimum threshold, there will be a new button appearing which is called “Redemption”. By clicking on this button, you can redeem your accounts and the transaction will be completed within three to four weeks.

Also, note that the rewards earned by completing surveys and writing reviews are only valid for 12 months from the awarded date. If they were not used within this time period, these rewards will expire and will be removed from the member’s account balance. The oldest points will be redeemed first when you request for a redemption to ensure the most recently earned rewards get maximum lifetime as possible.

Pros of Hintsters

    1. It’s 100% free to join the Hintsters online community.
    2. Can take part in surveys or write reviews in exchange of rewards.
    3. Valuable insights, tips and in depth reviews will get paid well.
    4. Can list down services or products to get the opinions of other members to get better insights about the prospected service provider.
    5. Intuitive and clean user interface.
    6. 12 months time period to get your rewards redeemed before expiration.

Cons of Hintsters

    1. Customer Supported is provided via emails only and sometimes can take up to more than one working day to get a response.
    2. Doesn’t have a referral program, so can’t earn more money by referencing to friends.

Hintsters Conclusion

Hintsters allows you to provide your insight regarding a certain product or service and pays you in return for your input. You can use Hintsters to get insights of other users regarding a certain product or service. Writing an accurate account of a product or service that you tested is very important to earn more rewards.

You can join Hintsters in here. 

Hintsters USA Offer.

Hintsters Argentina Offer.

Hintsters Brazil Offer.

Hintsters Spain Offer.

Hintsters Mexico Offer.

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