Heimdal Thor Antivirus Review 2021

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Heimdal Thor Antivirus Review 2021

What is Heimdal Thor antivirus?

heimdal thor review 2020
heimdal thor review 2021

Heimdal Thor is an antivirus known for providing the most secure and most advanced security suite ever to be built. Thor antivirus claims that they can secure your online digital life completely. Their motive is that true cybersecurity needs to be proactive, not reactive.

Heimdal Thor Antivirus guard also won first place in Antimalware solutions for the year 2021.

It got a TrustPilot rating of 4 stars based on 492 reviews.

But, do they make it up to their promises? Is it really good?

Let’s find out.

Cyber Security offered in packages

The Heimdal Thor comes in three packages. Thor Foresight, Thor Vigilance, and Thor Premium. These packages are highly flexible.

heimdal thor antivirus price and packaging
heimdal thor antivirus price and packaging

Thor Foresight package.

The Thor Foresight package provides threat prevention. It comes with unique threat prevention of malware, ransomware, spyware, and APTs. It also detects and blocks malware in-network level. Cyber protection is offered in multiple layers and is AI-powered.

Thor Foresight is further providing secure web browsing and secure online banking and payment procedures. It also protects the user from phishing, data leakage, hacking attempts, application installation, and behavior monitoring. It also provides automatic update facilities for all the installed applications.

Thor Vigilance

Thor Vigilance comes with next-gen antivirus protection. It also provides firewall integration, local signature-based scanning, real-time cloud scanning, behavior-based scanning, sandbox, and backdoor inspection. Thor Vigilance package offers some of the most advanced antimalware features I have ever seen.

Thor Premium

Thor Premium comes with complete protection and offers both security features of the Thor Foresight and Thor Vigilance.

All the packages offer protection up to three devices at the same time.

Thor antivirus guard comes with an on-demand scanning tool. This scanning tool provides seven unique ways of scanning, including active process scan and quick scan options.

It comes with a couple of add on components that vastly improve the entire product.

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Features of Heimdal Thor

Real-time monitoring Vector Detection.

In Vector Detection feature takes proactive measures to block threats even before they become active. This is done with the help of real-time code level monitoring. Most of the antivirus program is reactive, meaning that they jump into action when a malware become active. Blocking and eliminating a threat before it becomes active can avoid information theft.

This utility keeps a track of devices to infrastructure communications, which are deep-level processes within the system. This feature is branded as the “the second-generation detection” layer promises to completely remove malware strains that other products may miss by scanning for the threats that may affect system hardware.

TTPC tool

The Threat To Process Correlation (TTPC) tool allows users to inspect processes that Thor blocked and releases them if appropriate. The virus scanning tool includes a quarantine area where the files are listed in two categories. The infected files and suspicious files. The user is allowed to manually inspect each listed positive and determine what sort of action they would like to take.

The scanning

In the Scan section, Thor antivirus also provides activity reports. Here you can see a list of previous scans with all the relevant details regarding the scan as well.

The available Scan variations are as follows.

Quick Scan, Active process scan, Full scan, hard drive scan, local drive scan, removable drive scan, system scan, and network drive scan.

The quick scan option will scan your directories within a matter of few minutes and the active process scan will check all running processes for threats or any sort of suspicious activity.

heimdal thor scan types
heimdal thor scan types

The identified infected files and suspicious files are listed in a quarantine area.

Network level protection. The DarkLayer Guard

The DarkLayer Guard feature is a proactive real-time, two-way traffic scanning engine. This scan engine is specifically capable of monitoring all the DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS data packets, to block suspicious data packets from transmitting as soon as they are detected, preventing APTs and other threats. This is what the experts are calling the network level detection. Not only this feature eliminates the risks of malware infestation, but it also

Auto-update feature X-Ploit Resilience

The X-Pliot Resilience feature ensures that there are no potential vulnerabilities that haven’t been addressed yet via updates. Available updates are silently updated without any user interaction. Regular software updates are an essential part of patching up cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Users can attach any program that requires constant internet connectivity, such as web browsers and online messaging tools. Active monitoring can be configured on a per-application basis and the auto-update feature can also be manually turned on and off.

Compatibility with any other antivirus software.

The Thor Foresight works seamlessly with other antivirus programs. On their official website, they claim that the Thor Foresight can work seamlessly with Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, E set, F Secure, Kaspersky, McAfee, Malwarebytes, Norton, Trend Micro, Webroot, Windows Defender, and more. However, this may result in higher system usage.

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Ease of Use

Installation Process

The installation of Thor is easy and intuitive. To install Thor, it requires to download an installation file from the website. Open the executable file and it will install automatically with a limited number of actions required.

Once installed, the Heimdal Thor will run a tool called Heimdal Agent launches the main dashboard.

Heimdal Thor is well designed in every imaginable way and the dashboard lists common features such as the “Quick Scan” tool.

Education Centre

Heimdal has provided an educational module in the product to teach the customer about cybersecurity. This module can be extremely helpful for a novice user to understand the concepts of cybersecurity. It also comes with a cybersecurity-related glossary. It explains some of the proprietary terminologies that Thor features in its’ products. This module helps to keep the user up to date on cybersecurity-related news and findings.

OS Compatibility

Thor antivirus guard can be installed in a system that runs on Windows, macOS, or Android.

Currently supported operating systems are as follows.

Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows 8 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows 8.1 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
MacOS 10.13 High Sierra, MacOS 10.14 Mojave, and 10.15 Catalina
Android OS 6.0 and above.

Customer Support

Heimdal provides well-detailed documentation providing an in depth explanation of every feature. It also maintains sections like known issues and announcements to keep users up to date regarding bug fixes and updated feature functionalities.

Support is accessible through their website and delivered through an email ticketing system. Though I didn’t have a reason to ask for support, I just came with a reason to ask for support to get an idea of how things are managed by them. The customer support is delivered either via email or remote TeamViewer sessions to resolve any given difficulty. They have committed to ambitious service level agreements (SLAs) for its customers. Customer support responds quickly and provides relevant information as fast as they could.


The Thor Foresight package is only $69.95, but currently, we got a link that may provide you a 50% bonus so the final price is $34.98.

Heimdal Thor Vigilance Home package costs $59.95 and we got a link that may provide you a 40% discount for a limited time. So, the price, for now, is $35.97.

The Heimdal Thor Premium package comes with all the advanced threat prevention and next-generation antivirus features. This package is what I would recommend as it provides the best value for the money. It is only$99.95. We got a link that may give you a 60% discount for a limited time. So, the price, for now, is $39.98.

All these packages are covering three devices for a time period of one year.

How ever, there are plans available for a subscription period of one to three years and coverage of up to ten devices, but the prices attached to this will increase substantially as you expand

Heimdal Thor antivirus guard is covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked policy. Also, they have listed prices in EUR, USD, GBP, and several other currencies. If your currency is not listed, then the billing amount will be automatically converted to your local currency by your banking services provider.

You can do the payments via Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Paypal, Danish Dankort, Forbrugsforeningen, and JCB card.

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Heimdal Thor Antivirus Conclusion

Thor is a product of Heimdal Security, a cybersecurity firm based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thor provides endpoint protection.

Unique threat detection and prevention of advanced ransomware viruses, spyware, and APTs. Network-level monitoring and prevention of malware, completely eliminating possible data leak. It also uses traditional local scanning and cloud scanning with sandboxing and process modification behavioral detection to provide complete security.

It also provides low-impact endpoint protection including signature-based and generic detection, heuristics analysis, and more advanced features.

It also enhances classical signatures, behavioral analysis, and advanced heuristics with the help of artificial intelligence to combat advanced persistent threats, vulnerabilities, and ransomware attacks.

It also comes with a tool to keep installed software up to date automatically.


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