eSurveyBox Review 2021

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eSurveyBox Review 2021

What is eSurveyBox?

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esurveybox review 2021

The eSurveyBox is an online marketing survey company and consists of a community of members who are getting rewarded for their insights, and reviews of products and services.

Market research companies like eSurveyBox is are looking for very specific qualities in every survey taker and take some measures to ensure that they are directing the most relevant and personalized surveys to the most relevant person.

To get this done, they make profiles as per details provided by the user. This information is then used to identify the demographics that they belong to and the relevancy of the survey to the survey taker.

This is why they ask you to fill your account with personal information such as age, date of birth, residence, ethnicity, employment, education, career status, marital status.

This information is used to match the most relevant surveys to you. This also increases the chances of qualifying as you are provided with surveys covering the areas that you already have some experience of.

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esurveybox rewards 2021

In eSurveyBox, each survey is consisting of questions of three different areas. These three parts are demographic questions, qualification questions, actual survey,s or crediting.

The demographic surveys are the same sort of questions that you answer in the profile questionnaire. These questions are getting repeated because researchers want to make sure that your responses are up to date.

To qualify this part, it is better to answer as much honesty as you can.

Qualification questions are what the market researchers are interested in and is are about services and products that you are currently using. Most of these surveys are focused on testing new products or getting feedback for products that you currently in possession of.

Experiences that you had in the last 12 months and plans to have something within next 12 months are the most important to get qualified in a survey’s qualification questions.

Actual survey or crediting is being qualified for the survey and a survey usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete and at the end of every survey, you will be notified that the survey is completed.

Sometimes you won’t be credited automatically and might experience a delay. This is because either the market research company is having a delay on their end so, the points may be delayed and credited to your account within a 24 hour time period or because your submitted answers are under further review from the researchers before getting approved by them.

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