CYLANCE Antivirus Guard Review 2021.

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CYLANCE Antivirus Guard Review 2021.

What is CYLANACE Antivirus Guard?

CYLANCE antivirus guard is a part of the BlackBerry group.

CYLANCE is marketed as the “anti-annoying antivirus”, which may sound weird, yet brilliantly named for good reasons.

Cylance Antivirus Review 2020
Cylance Antivirus Review 2020

The Cylance antivirus guard is powered by AI to prevent threats in a proactive way.

System resource usage of CYLANCE is relatively very low, so it is safe to say that the Cylance antivirus guard is lightweight on system performance.

The CYLANCE is by no means a traditional antivirus program as it comes fully equipped with many smart features. At the first glance, it is clear why it is not a traditional antivirus guard.

CYLANCE antivirus and how does it work?

CYLANCE antivirus guard is powered by an AI. The AI is powering the threat detecting engine to run on different combinations and different algorithms to detect malware, spyware, ransomware, viruses, etc. With this AI-powered threat detection capabilities, the CYLANCE antivirus software could predict threats ahead of time. This feature alone can save hours of headache and frustration as it is far easier to prevent an infection rather than trying to clean it up and repairing the damage done by it.

cylance antivirus how it works
cylance antivirus how it works

Performance and system impact.

Have you ever experienced system slowdowns because of the background processes of your antivirus guard? Then this capability may sound awesome to you. CYLANCE is one of the most lightweight antivirus software products currently in the market.

This lack of hunger for system resources can be beneficial as not only it improves overall system performance and also improves the speed of the task of the antivirus program.  The way CYLANCE antivirus program accomplish is by removal of bloated features like pop-ups and CYLANCE’s AI-powered technology doesn’t require constant virus signature updates to keep the system safe against the latest cyber threats.

Ease of Use.

Another plus point of using BlackBerry CYLANCE is that using the CYLANCE antivirus program is effortless as it doesn’t have any over-complicated and lengthy installation procedure or endless updates to keep up the virus definition databases up to date. Set it and forget it protection without annoying pop-ups and messages. CYLANCE antivirus self updates itself so we do not have to worry about that.

CYLANCE antivirus installation 1
CYLANCE antivirus installation 1

Because of the ever-evolving AI-powered virus definition engine and the smooth background updating virus definition databases, you don’t have to bother with updating or downloading any other component of the software package. Everything is handled by the CYLANCE to make your life far easier.

CYLANCE antivirus program also promises an ever transparent pricing strategy to keep your financial anxieties at the bay. Also, they do not auto-renew your subscription with a higher price tag as many tech companies do these days.

System Compatibility.

CYLANCE antivirus guard is fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. macOS is compatible with 10.9 Mavericks to 10,14 Mojave and the latest updates.

For running on Windows PC you have to possess 2GB of free hard disk and a minimum of 500 Mb availability of hard disk for macOS.

Requires an internet browser and an internet connection to register the product. Must have local admin rights to install the software.

CYLANCE Antivirus Packaging and Pricing

CYLANCE promises to be completely transparent when it comes to pricing. They provide clear and upfront price and renewal are automatically added with the price you see. This means that you won’t be stuck with a pricey contract which is constantly increasing.

The way CYLANCE charge for subscription and the number of devices covered in the term of time periods.

CYLANCE antivirus review 1
CYLANCE antivirus review 1

There are three different packages that offer the same level of protection but simply allow to protect more devices so there are 9 different pricing points. You can upgrade your package at any time to add friends and family to protect their devices.

1. CYLANCE One month plan.

This plan comes with an instant download for rapid protection, free customer support, and a 30 day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

For one device you have to pay 5.99 USD per month.

This plan is currently listed for 9.99 USD per month for five devices.

For 10 devices you have to pay 14.99 USD per month.

2. The one year plan for CYLANCE Antivirus.

This package comes with free customer support, instant download for rapid protection and a 30 day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

This plan is billed 12 USD per year for one device

You have to pay 16 USD per year for five devices

For 10 devices you have to pay 20 USD per year.

3. Two-year plan for CYLANCE Antivirus.

Two-year plan covers up to five devices, provides free customer support, instant download for rapid protection, and a 30 day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

This plan is available for 16 USD per two years for one device.

Five devices covered with 24 USD per two years.

Ten devices covered with 32 USD per two years.


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CYLANCE Antivirus Finale Recap.

The CYLANCE Antivirus provides advanced AI-powered detection and behavior monitoring algorithm to take proactive measures to protect your computer. Rather than waiting for a virus or malware to infect your system, you can avoid an infestation before it happens due to this capability.

CYLANCE also takes an approach to provide a user-friendly and beginner-friendly experience as much as possible to make it approachable for even a novice user.

It provides protection against malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

Another plus point is the CYLANCE is having a minimum to no impact on system performance as it doesn’t use much RAM, system storage, or processing power. This feature alone makes this ideal for hardcore gamers and power users such as graphic designers.

As Neil J Rubenking, the editor of PCMag’s virus section once said regarding the CYLANCE antivirus program. ” be part of the cutting edge AI revolution”

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