Comodo Antivirus Review 2021

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Comodo Antivirus Review 2021

What is Comodo Antivirus?

Comodo Antivirus is well known for its cross-platform support. It is mostly known for the creation of cyber security-oriented Chromium-based Comodo Dragon browser and firefox based Comodo Ice Dragon browsers. Comodo is also one of the handfuls of cybersecurity companies that are providing free cybersecurity tools for the Linux OS and macOS.

Comodo antivirus review 2020
Comodo antivirus review 2021

Comodo offers a free version of their antivirus. They also provide three paid packages. The Comodo Internet Security Complete, internet Security Pro, and Comodo Antivirus Advanced.

For many years, Comodo Antivirus was recommended by cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts due to the impressive list of features it provides. Some users may consider Comodo Antivirus as too complicated due to this reason alone. But, I think that Comodo Antivirus is one of the easiest to use.

If you need a highly configurable antivirus with lots of cybersecurity features and tools, but easy to use and implement, then this is for you.

Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Internet Security are free to download.

The Comodo Antivirus Free

Comodo Antivirus Free comes with impressive security features making it one of the most secure and top-performing antivirus products in IT security. Comodo Antivirus Free also comes with active measures against viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, rootkits, adware, and system vulnerabilities.

Not many free antivirus software offers this much of antivirus security modules.

Comodo Antivirus Free is also available for Linux and macOS. The officially supported Linux distributions are Ubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSUSE.

comodo antivirus review
comodo antivirus review

Features of the Comodo Antivirus Free

Antivirus Cloud based behavior analysis

This feature is known as the Valkyrie. Comodo is using a cloud-based behavior analysis system to identify even the newest threats. This methodology is extremely effective.


VirusScope is a unique antivirus feature and it is useful for local PC analysis and helps the users of the PC to identify and fix issues caused by the malware infestations.

Host Intrusion Prevention System

The Host Intrusion Prevention System or HIPS is providing the capability of monitoring the computer and preventing malicious attacks from entering it.

Quarantining threats

Antivirus measures taken by Comodo makes sure that all the suspicious programs are quarantined and stored in a separate environment  (sandbox) to monitor its behavior until Comodo is sure that this program is not malware.

Default Deny Approach

Comodo Antivirus also prevents all files by default from entering the system until it is sure that these files are harmless. To get this done, Comodo is using cloud-based virus scanning technology.

Cloud-based white-listing

This feature helps the user to quickly identify harmless and legitimate files.

Game Mode

Game mode turns off unwanted notifications and does not alert the user about anything unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.

Comodo Antivirus Advanced

comodo antivirus features
comodo antivirus features

comodo antivirus featuresThe Comodo Antivirus Advanced comes with many advanced features and includes many impressive features such as the Auto Sandbox Technology and host intrusion prevention.

Another plus point is that Comodo Antivirus is highly configurable.

Comodo Antivirus Advanced can be used for business purposes as well. But, Comodo is recommending the use of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Security in case of implementing Internet security on a large network of workstations due to its centralized management capabilities.

AV-Test tested Comodo Antivirus back in December 2018 and it achieved an admirable 100% protection against zero-day attacks such as phishing and malware payloads.

AV-Test also gave the Comodo antivirus a  6/6 rating for virus protection, 5/6 for performance, 5.5/6 in usability. 16.5/18 rating in total.

In August 2019, AV-Test gave Comodo Internet Security a rating of 100% protection against zero-day attacks such as malware attacks, malware payloads, and web and email threats based on real-world testing.

Detection of widespread and prevalent malware discovered within four weeks was also rated at 100%.  So it scored a rating of 6/6 for protection against cyber threats. The performance score was 5.5/6. Usability was rated at 5.5/6. So the total rating was 17/18.


Features of the Comodo Antivirus Advanced

True Decision Engine

Auto Sandbox Technology

This feature provides smooth functionality without interrupting the user to observe the behavior of unknown files. To do this properly without having the possibility of malware infestation, Comodo keeps the unknown files or suspicious files in a separate virtual environment where these files are monitored for any behavioral change. These files are not allowed to enter the system until Comodo Antivirus is sure that these files are not harmful.

Applications in the Sandbox are run under a carefully predefined set of privileges and the internal communications that happen in between the app and the operating system are getting written to a virtual file system and a virtual registry instead of the real system or the real registry.

The Sandbox is the first stage of a trust decision engine.

Internet Security. Cloud-based real-time whitelisting and blacklisting of files or applications.

After the unknown or suspicious files or application has been placed in the Sandbox, Internet Security automatically put it in a queue for submission to Comodo labs.

If it turns out to be harmless or legit, then it is fed to a real-time cloud-based white list and therefore doesn’t run in the Sandbox by Internet Security.

If it is found to be harmful, then it is added to a real-time updating blacklist of malware signatures and therefore will be deleted after the next batch of updates.

This feature ensures that unknown files or suspicious files cannot damage Windows OS, registries, or important user data.

Proactive Defense + Technology

The Comodo Antivirus provides Proactive protection, not reactive protection. Many antivirus software is still using reactive protection methodology, which is kind of out of date. Proactive protection is constantly monitoring the system for suspicious behavior and takes measures to prevent them before these threats could damage the system or user data.

To get this done, Comodo is using a heuristic learning methodology with the help of cloud-based detection systems. The cloud-based detection system is getting updated in real-time without any user intervention.

Cloud-based antivirus protection makes sure that Comodo Antivirus Advanced is detecting even the newest cyber threats without the need to rely on up to date virus definitions.

Comodo is providing constant virus definition updates and you have to restart the computer to make it work properly.

When I tried to download EICAR files, the antivirus quickly quarantined it. The compressed version wasn’t blocked by the antivirus but when the downloaded file was unzipped, it was detected immediately.

When scanning the system, even the compressed files were detected.

These features also offer anti Trojan protection, anti-worm protection, and anti Rootkit protection

Cloud-based whitelisting

Comodo is using the cloud-based whitelisting methodology to update the known list of files and services provided by verified software service providers. Doing so eliminates any chance of falsely identifying legitimate files as a threat as well as saves the resources and time that could others have wasted on taking measures against something completely safe.

Anti Spyware protection

A real-time spyware scanner is detecting malware infections by constantly scanning computer registry files and discs. It also pays attention to the security privileges and access to resources provided for applications and makes sure that the apps are not misusing them.

Doesn’t rely on user input to provide cybersecurity.

Comodo Antivirus Antivirus provides so many advanced features and tools to ensure maximum cybersecurity, but it requires minimal user involvement to do that. Comodo Antivirus Advanced doesn’t rely on user input to decide whether to allow, block, or quarantine unknown or suspicious files or programs. This also provides the user with a much better digital experience with minimal interruptions.

Anti Ransomware protection

The ransomware protection feature is constantly monitoring the system for files and applications for suspicious behavior and is using a cloud-based blacklist to compare the behavior of suspicious applications or files with the signatures of already detected blacklisted cyber threats.

Host Intrusion Prevention System

The Host Intrusion Prevention System or HIPS is a foolproof yet heavily customizable approach to set behavioral rules and restrictions for each and every one of the installed applications. Any behavioral change or suspicious activity is then alerted to the user.

Applications provided by unknown parties and suspicious files and applications are being monitored for any suspicious behavior.

HIPS further provides users with the capability of allowing or blocking certain applications from being in contact with the system.

HIPS is deactivated as default and is recommended only for the experts as allowing a malicious file or program can result in information loss and malware infestations.

It’s better to let Comodo Antivirus Advanced take decisions all by itself as it is perfectly capable of doing so.

Valkyrie sandbox technology

Comodo Antivirus Advanced has its own Sandbox to run suspicious files and programs in a secure environment.

Users can use the Valkyrie sandbox module to run suspicious or unknown files and applications in a safe and separate environment without the possibility of infecting the system as all the application level communications are taking place in between the app and OS are being written to the virtual registries and virtual system rather than being written to the actual registries and files.

Sandbox module can be used to select the browser of your preference to run in a safe and separate environment. This protects the web browser from cyber threats. This also prevents spyware from monitoring user activities.

The virtual desktop feature requires the installation of Microsoft Silverlight to become fully functional. The virtual desktop feature provides a completely isolated environment and uncompromised security against malware and virus threats.


Application Control

This module makes sure that the installed applications are as a matter of fact legitimate and are developed by legitimate vendors.

It also helps the user to lock down a functional but infected system, to operate it, and to navigate it, or fully recover a total unbootable OS from a Live USB device.

comodo antivirus usb disc
comodo antivirus usb disc


Safer Web Browsing to Blocking tracking, adware, and Anti-phishing protection

comodo dragon update
comodo dragon update

Safer web browsing with the Comodo Dragon web browser and Comodo Ice Dragon web browser.

The Comodo Web browser is a chromium-based cyber security-oriented web browser. It offers adware blocking, tracker blocking, anti-phishing, malicious payload deletion, and malicious URL blocking features.

The Comodo Ice Dragon is based on Mozilla Firefox and comes with much-advanced adware blocking, malicious URL blocking and data theft prevention features to ensure a more secure online experience for the user.

Both the Comodo Dragon Browser and Comodo Ice Dragon browser are 100% free of charge to download. It doesn’t have hidden subscription fees or paid extra modules.

Both browsers are excellent at blocking cookies, blocking websites with suspicious SSL certificates, blocking malicious URLs, preventing malicious payloads, blocking intrusive tracking, and preventing adware. Both browsers also force HTTPS connection whenever it is capable of doing so and request reports on the personal data shared by the system with the websites that the user visits.

Comodo Dragon and Comodo Ice Dragon are capable of running on computers with limited hardware resources and lightweight on resources. Offers fast and smoother online experience without any compromises to the overall system security.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows OS are supported. Comodo recommends using 64-bit version operating systems to experience a more smooth and hassle-free experience.


The dedicated firewall is powerful and easy to configure. The Comodo firewall provides an extra layer of security for the windows stock firewall. All the files and applications are constantly being monitored to find out whether there are any unauthorized communications between outside parties and already installed applications or background processes.

Both inbound and outbound communications of suspicious nature are blocked to ensure overall system security.

Users are also allowed to whitelist or blacklist applications from connecting to the network.

Using a firewall blacklist option along with parental control feature allows the user to prevent children from accessing age-restricted material such as porn or abusive content.

Gamer mode

The Game mode makes sure that the user is not disturbed while they are running a computer game or a resource-hungry application on the full screen. During this time, all the scheduled scans and unnecessary background processers are kept at bay. This helps the user to experience computer gaming without any disturbances.

Anti Spam protection

The Anti Spam protection feature adds an extra layer of protection to flag spam emails. Nowadays not a lot of antivirus programs offer these features as all the major email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Yandex Mail, and Outlook mastered the art of warding off spam and successfully identifies and flags more than 95% of spam messages.

Comodo Antivirus flags the spam emails and lists them as spam in the title of the message. Users can predefine the anti-spam feature to redirect all the spam messages to a specific folder as well.

Protection for chat and IM applications

Comodo antivirus also offers protection for chat and IM applications to protect the user from phishing attempts. This feature isolates the chat and IMP application processes by adding a layer of encryption to prevent them from communicating with other background processes.

Secure Shopping

Secure Shopping feature enables the user to do credit card transactions without worrying about someone stealing their financial information.

Comodo Secure Shopping encrypts the browser communications thus preventing tracing or hacking attempts.

comodo secure shopping
comodo secure shopping

Secure Shopping also hides all the sensitive online data from other processes on the computer as well. This is done by putting a shield f protection to isolate all browser-related processes to prevent other processes to communicate with them.

This prevents hostile processes from stealing or getting access to browser processes and keyloggers from recording keystrokes or screenshots of the user session.

This feature also detects false SSL certificates and warns if there’s a remote connection to your computer.

Chrome, Firefox, chromium-based browsers, firefox based browsers, and Edge are officially supported.

This feature can be used to secure many browser sessions and can provide security for many other applications as well.

Accounting software, password managers, office software, FTP and VPN client, file transferring service client applications, instant messaging and chat applications, email client applications, etc.

comodo antivirus features

Task manager

This module further helps the user to stop all the unnecessary applications from running in the background as well. This module lists all the background processes and allows the user to terminate the ones they don’t want.

comodo kill switch to kill processes
comodo kill switch to kill processes

Parental controls

Parental Control feature allows the user to configure password protection for Comodo Antivirus Advanced.

Enabling password protection for settings option enables passwords protection for all important module configuration settings and features.

comodo antivirus parental control
comodo antivirus parental control

This prevents some other users from changing your predefined settings.

You can change the password later on as well.

comodo antivirus parental control password

Scan types

comodo antivirus scan variants
comodo antivirus scan variants

Comodo Antivirus offers a multiple scanning protocols to ensure overall system security. The real-time antivirus scanning, USB virus scan, Auto virus scanning, manual virus scanning, scheduled scans, and Registry startup scanning.

All the scanning procedures can be initiated with the click of a single button.

The regular Quick scan and full scans are the manual virus scanning methods. These can be initiated at any time. The first time full scan can take a considerable amount of time but things will fasten up a bit with time.

Users can scan a specific USB device, a specific folder, files, and apps.

The real-time virus scanning is using heuristic behavior monitoring to identify suspicious files and applications. Comodo Antivirus takes proactive measures to make sure the harmful files and applications are completely annihilated.

Unlimited Expert Support

Comodo Antivirus Advanced comes with the promise of unlimited live expert antivirus protection. In case the user runs into some serious malware infestation or couldn’t recover the system using a live disc, then the experts at Comodo dedicate their time and resources to resolve the problems in users’ computers remotely.

Users can reach the experts via phone in case of not being able to access their confirmation email or computer.


Comodo Antivirus Advanced is compatible with Windows XP,Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the application for one and each OS are available.

  • 384 MB available RAM
  • 210 MB hard disk space for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • Internet Explorer Version 5.1 or above or any compatible web browser.

Mac OS X 10.95, 10.10+, 10.11+ are supported. Both i386 and x86-64 versions are available to download.

Linux operating systems are supported. Ubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSUSE are officially supported by the Comodo Antivirus.

Android OS is also supported by Comodo Antivirus as well.

Comodo Antivirus for Android

comodo antivirus for android os
comodo antivirus for android os

Android OS is the most widely used operating system to power the mobile devices such as smart phones, and tablet PCs. Due, to this very reason alone, cybercriminals are creating new viruses and spyware to steal user information.

Comodo offers an antivirus for Android OS to prevent information theft or data corruption and quarantines malicious files, payloads, and applications.

It is designed in a way to protect the Android devices against unsafe apps and potential risks such as theft.

Always on Antivirus feature

The always on anti virus protection and on demand scanner gets rid of the malicious files and applications.

System health feature quickly identifies malicious programs, apps, and vulnerabilities.

Annoying push advertising hosted by apps are also prevented.


Anti theft module provides many important features such as remote recovery of your devices in case it is lost or stolen.

This allows the user to located their device even when the sim card is changed.

User can make the device sound an alarm or take photos of the holder as well.

User can remotely lock it or wipe out all the data including the data stored on the SD card.

comodo antivirus android
comodo antivirus android

SMS and Phone call blocking

User can block calls and SMS messages from unverified or annoying sources by including these contacts in the black list. White list feature is useful to flag appropriate contacts as appropriate.

This feature can even block text messages containing specific keywords.

Software manager

This module allows the user to view all the installed applications as well as creating backups or uninstalling each and every one of them.

Restore feature allows the uninstalled application to be restored back to the device.  This module further helps the user to stop all the unnecessary applications from running in the background as well.

app mananger comodo antivirus android
app mananger comodo antivirus android

Private Space

The Private Space is where user can store sensitive information such as contacts, messages to kee them away from third parties.


Comodo antivirus for android allows the user to backup important data such as contact lists, text, and Private Space to a memory card. All the apps can be backedup as well.

Restoring a backup using a backup file takes only few seconds.

System Optimizer

This module scans and fixes issues that may slow down your device. Temporary system files, cache data, and junk files can be located using this and removed with a tap of a button.

It also eliminates all the unnecessary background processes to reroute system resources to the apps in need of it.

Process Manager

This module lists all the background processes and allows the user to terminate the ones they don’t want.

Task Scheduler

This feature allows the user to predefined time and date to automatically run routine scans or to enter flight mode and leave flight mode.

Privacy Advisor

This module identifies and flags the applications and unnecessary permissions given to them that might result in data loss or information theft.

It points out and flags apps with access to sensitive information such as screen capturing, access to microphone and camera, phone log, text messages etc.

App Protector

Using App Protector, the user can lock applications from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Traffic Monitoring

This feature keeps track of mobile broadband usage in real time and helps the user to avoid overage charges for exceeding data cap.

User is allowed to predefine a monthly traffic limit or a daily traffic cap.


Firewall prevents all the inbound and outbound unauthorized or suspicious communications thus preventing cybercriminals from using backdoors, system vulnerabilities, or vulnerabilities in the installed applications to get access to the system.

Users can predefine a white list or black list to allow or prevent specific applications from connecting to the network as well.

Comodo Antivirus for Android is completely free of charge and comes with no hidden subscription or freemium offers. 

Comodo Antivirus Advanced Performance

The impact caused on overall system performance is one of the main factors many has to consider before installing an antivirus program.

Comodo Antivirus is light on system resources mostly, but can be a little resource hungry when running a full system scan or when using the sandbox module. This is understandable as both modules need more processing power and memory.

The initiation of a full scan for the first time can take a considerable amount of time.

The overall impact on system performance is insignificant and is not severe enough to consider as an inconvenience.

Comodo Antivirus User Interface

It is clear that Comodo Antivirus was bundled up with desktop pc use in mind. The UI is clearly influenced by the less is better principle. Every feature and tool is organized in an easy to find a way.

Users can initiate a scan with the touch of a button.

Some of the advanced features such as the sandbox module, Host intrusion prevention system may seem too complex for the average user. Some of the features are not present in many other cybersecurity products and due to this reason some users may feel disoriented.

Comodo has done a good job at arranging each and every option and feature in easy to understand and easy to find way.

Ease of Use

Comodo Antivirus products are having a clean and intuitive UI designing language and it is more clear that they are practicing the principle of less is better. Everything is arranged in a proper way and all the features are categorized properly in a way that it is easy to access.

The installation process is very straightforward and intuitive. The installation process requires downloading some files and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

comodo antivirus installation
comodo antivirus installation

After the installation is done, an automatic scan is started to identify already existing threats and vulnerabilities.

Comodo provides documented details regarding many cybersecurity features and provides stellar customer service in case of some technical or malware issues.

Customer Support

Comodo live customer support is offered via the Live Chat button in the software console or via the online portal. It offers a ticket answering system as well as a live chat window. Comodo Antivirus also offers one of the fastest responding customer services ever. 24/7 live chat support is provided through the GeekBuddy live chat service with remote desktop access

Email support is also available.

Comodo Antivirus has a reputation for responding with accurate and easy to understand instructions, and I could clearly see that their customer service is well arranged and is consisting of professionals who are willing to help you to the best of their ability.

In case you cannot use the computer or access the email address that you provided as the confirmation email, then you can contact customer support via telephone as well.

Pros of Comodo Antivirus Advanced

  • An impressive set of cybersecurity features and tools.
  • Provides complex cyber security tools that you cannot find normally.
  • Supports Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • It comes with a secure browser and an integrated firewall.
  • Provides solid anti malware, anti virus protection.
  • Highly configurable and for this reason alone has become one of the favourite cyber security products among cyber security experts.
  • The Sandbox tool is awesome.
  • Offers a smooth digital experience without relying on user input.
  • Game mode lists only the most important notifications and disables all other notifications, stops scheduled scans to provide a smooth digital experience when the player is using a heavy duty application like a computer game or a graphic designing software.
  • Advanced anti spyware protection.
  • Comodo Dragon browser or the Comodo Firefox browser is available for free of charge and can be integrated to improve the cyber security even more.
  • Provides separate applications for even older operating systems like Windows XP (both 32 bit and 64 bit versions).
  • Software applications for old operating systems are developed in a way to use minimum system resources as possible, making the Comodo Antivirus good for computers with outdated hardware and limited resources.
  • Comodo Antivirus offers a smooth digital experience without many interruptions

Cons of Comodo Antivirus Advanced.

  • Comodo Antivirus is not enough tested by third-party cybersecurity analysts. Some independent research groups do the testing for free and rely on donations from interested parties to cover the budget or provide in-house solutions to people who are looking for more protection. Some research groups demand a significant fee that could range from a few thousands of dollars to multi millions to test and review a cybersecurity product. The reason is not clear for the lack of enough testing done by independent research groups.
  • No webcam protection.

Pricing  and Packaging

Comodo Antivirus free edition is packed with impressive features and provides decent cybersecurity and even advanced features like the sandbox and cloud-based behavior monitoring.

Comodo Antivirus Advanced provides unlimited expert support to resolve cybersecurity issues. It also packs lots of features to ensure advanced anti-phishing, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti Trojan protection, anti-rootkit protection, anti Spam protection, blocking tracking and adware,  anti-worm protection, protection for chat and IM applications, secure Shopping, and effective parental controls.

Comodo Internet Security Pro provides a firewall, web filtering, and 50GB secure online storage trust connect Wi-Fi security.

Comodo Antivirus Advanced comes with a price tag of $29.99. Comodo also offers 3 licenses for $39.99.

Comodo Internet Security Pro is $39.99 per year and provides coverage for three computers.





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