Bitdefender Antivirus Review 2021

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Bitdefender Antivirus Review 2021

Bitdefender Antivirus Conclusion

Bitdefender is a big name on the cybersecurity market, even rivaling big household companies like Norton and Kaspersky. Every package provides a safe online banking facility. Bitdefender antivirus software has had the best malware detection rate in the industry for the past 5 years. This is partly due to using an advanced artificial intelligence to monitor a global network of 500 million computers running Bitdefender to scan, detect, and eliminate even the newest threats.

bitdefencder antivirus review 2020
Bitdefender antivirus review 2021

The Bitdefender antivirus offers enhanced ransomware protection and secure online banking. Bitdefender also comes with its own VPN and many security-focused bonus security features. It also scores outstanding scores in independent lab tests and our tests. It also provides an active do not track feature to keep your data protected.

Though it comes with its own VPN service, unlimited VPN access requires a separate subscription.

It offers three subscription packages. The Bitdefender Antivirus Plus package and Bitdefender Internet Security packages offer basic protection for Windows PCs only. Bitdefender Total Security package offers protection for Windows OS, macOS, iOS, and Android OS.

Bitdefender Antivirus 2021 Offer

Introduction to Bitdefender antivirus software

The Bitdefender is a famous all-rounder in the cybersecurity field. Bitdefender got a user base of 500 million users worldwide.

Their moto is “Innovation and a deep passion for security stand at the heart of Bitdefender”Bitdefender newer failed to score high in antivirus testing done by the independent labs.

However, the two entry-level antivirus solutions offered by Bitdefender is only for Windows OS. This can’t be considered as a let down as Windows is dominating the OS market.

User intuitive, easy to use interface is straightforward and has listed what you need to protect your system against potential threats and to disinfect your system if it happens already be infected.

Scans are smooth, fast but thorough. Scans are done without any serious system lag.

It also provides a 30 day free trial of any plan to try it out all by yourself without any payment. This will help you to decide, what package is the most suitable for your needs.

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Features of Bitdefender

Multiple Scanning options


The Bitdefender antivirus program is a powerful engine for scanning files. The antivirus software package provides several scanning options. The automatic scans run regularly to make sure that everything is fine. These continuous scans are looking for any suspicious files or applications that the program then compares against a list of daily updated security threats. These scanning options are available with their every package.

Behavioral scans are checking the files on your computer to make sure that they are not behaving in a suspicious way. If they are, then these applications are getting blocked as fast as possible. This feature helps Bitdefender to eliminate threats that were not reported or included in the virus definition database.

The hardware scans feature is extremely useful as it constantly checks all the external hard disks, USB drivers and other devices that are getting connected to your system. These scans make sure that your external devices are free of threats.

Full Scan Option

Full Scan option checks every application and every file to see whether there are any threats lurking in the dark. Full Scan option is useful to identify threats and suspicious files and applications.

Quick Scan Option

Quick Scan is a great scanning option as it doesn’t take much time to complete. It checks files, scans the internet connection and other important things to make sure everything is okay.

Vulnerability Scanner

The vulnerability scanner checks your device for any present vulnerabilities. These can be vulnerabilities in the network or the operating system.

Scheduled Scans

Scheduled scans are a very useful feature as you could schedule a scan to run when you are not using your computer. Scans done outside your active hours helps you to be more efficient and productive as it doesn’t slow down overall system performance when you need it.

Simultaneous Multiple Scans

Another interesting feature about Bitdefender is that it allows you to run multiple scans simultaneously without any restriction.

You can exclude a specific folder and its content from getting scanned by manually selecting and excluding it as the scan proceeds.


Most of the websites presents you a prompt regarding collecting information and asks you to accept collecting cookies. This is done to collect information about your behavior so the telemarketers can show you the most relevant advertisement. Some website owners share these behavioural information with advertising agencies so they could target you with more relevant advertisements.

In one way or another, there is always a risk of some website spying on your online activities. This is why the Bitdefender antivirus software comes with a built-in anti-tracking extension to detect and prevent intrusive web trackers to protect your online activities. This also improves your overall online experience as it reduces the overall website load time.

Bitdefender VPN service

Bitdefender Free VPN is included with all three packages and even the free version comes with it. It is powered by Hotspot Shield VPN service provider. It keeps end to end connection encrypted to keep your online presence anonymous.


The free version offers only a daily cap 200MB of network traffic and is not suitable for anyone interested in watching a streaming service like YouTube or Netflix. This is why you must still consider purchasing a separate VPN service to keep your online activities anonymous.

The free VPN provided by the Bitdefender is pretty basic and doesn’t even let you to change location. So, it doesn’t help you to bypass government restrictions to access forbidden content. Due to these reasons, the free VPN is good only for basic web browsing activities and nothing else.

The Bitdefender VPN premium offer unlimited browsing data and lots of server locations to choose from. The premium VPN is also powered by the HotShield VPN service.

It is cost-effective to buy Bitdefender premium VPN rather than purchasing HotShield VPN directly as it will cost you twice as much as the amount Bitdefender is asking for its premium VPN service.


The Firewall module comes with port scan protection, application behavior monitoring, and an advanced stealth mode.

The port scan protection can block port scan attempts in the network to keep the ports hidden to prevent any possible cyber attacks.

The firewall alerts about the applications that are asking to access the internet and the user can control the settings regarding each application. The firewall blocks any traffic if it is sent outwards or sent inwards in a suspicious way. This is done with the help of behavioural monitoring of all the applications.

It also provides the ability to whitelist website URLs and ports.

Multi Layered Ransomware Protection

bitdefender-total-protection-2020-android (3)
bitdefender-total-protection-2021-android (3)

Bitdefender’s advanced ransomware protection warns you about suspicious activity and prevents the ransomware program from stealing or corrupting information.

This is done with the help of behaviour monitoring. Behavior monitor eliminates and prevents the ransomware from encrypting any of your data. It also runs at the same time as the Ransomware Remediation service.

Ransomware Remediation tool makes sure that it backups any of the targeted files in case of Bitdefender detects anything suspicious. This completely eliminates any chance of loss of data.

Phishing Detection with Web Shield

bitdefender-total-protection-2020-android (2)
bitdefender-total-protection-2021-android (2)

Bitdefender comes with a feature called Web Shield. The Web Shield feature protects the system against phishing attempts as well as malware and malicious URLs to prevent malware payloads as well as to block access to known malware hosting websites.

Web Shield is safeguarding all network activities to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities that may compromise system safety.

Zero System Slowdown

Bitdefender comes with their proprietary Zero System Slowdown feature, a revolutionary technology to ensure that instant reactive measures are taken to identify and eliminate malware without any serious system slowdowns.

Bitdefender also comes with three performance modes to adjust PC usage by limiting scans and background processes to reduce system impact when you are gaming, watching movies, or working. Three performance modes are Game, Movie and Work modes.

The Bitdefender Internet Security package and the Bitdefender Total Security package both provide a “One Click Optimizer” feature to improve the performance of your device with the single click of a button. What happens is, it automatically removes cache files, unwanted registry entries, unwanted files left over after a system update, etc.

Webcam Protection.

With the correct spyware tool, even a kid can spy on your user activities without any hassle. Most of the spyware tools can be used to capture audio, video, screenshots, etc. With the Webcam Protection feature, Bitdefender prevents any intruders from gaining access to the cameras on your devices. This feature further prevents any intrusions into your privacy.

This feature also includes privileges given to any software on your computer that is in need of using the webcam. You can choose which software has access to the camera.

Online Banking Security with SafePay

Bitdefender has considered providing security for your online financial transactions. Online shopping can be pretty dangerous in case of providing information to a malware-infested website. For this purpose, Bitdefender provides a SafePay browser to let you visit your favorite banking and shopping websites with measures taken against hacking attempts and spyware such as key loggers.

SafePay also blocks and prevents unwanted browser extensions from working as they can be used by the malware to get access to your system.

It also prevents you from accessing unsecured websites and will warn you regarding the risks when you try to visit an unsafe website.

SafePay browser portal is not available for general browsing and only available for shopping and banking activities.

Anti Theft module

bitdefender-total-protection-2020-android anti theft 1
bitdefender-total-protection-2021-android anti theft 1
bitdefender-total-protection-2020-android anti theft 2
bitdefender-total-protection-2021-android anti theft 2

The Anti Theft module offers features like locating lost devices and locking, wiping out the content of a lost or stolen device. This module is compatible with Android devices, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. It also offers Android Wear OS smartwatch compatibility to locate lost devices.

The anti-theft tool allows the user to remote access from anywhere in the world via a Bitdefender Central account.

Password Manager PW Wallet

Bitdefender provides a powerful password manager to let you store all of your login details in a single place. This PW Wallet tool also securely stores your credit card details and other personal information. You can create multiple databases protected with passwords. You can sync these databases across all the devices protected with Bitdefender antivirus guard.

The PW Wallet does not feature-rich as the LastPass or DashLane, but it is quite handy if you do not have a password manager with you right now.

Safe Files

Sometimes, you want to keep very important files hidden from certain applications. To get this done, we have to keep them somewhere secure. To provide this important facility, Bitdefender comes with a Safe Files feature.

When you put your files into this folder, these files cannot be changed, moved, or even read without your permission to do so.

File Shredder

The file shredder tool makes sure that your files are completely erased from your computer without any trace. Files removed using file shredder cannot be restored using a restoring software.

Automatic Updates.

Bitdefender is designed to update automatically as soon as an update is available. It also protects you against the most advanced cyber threats on the planet, because you are not going to miss out new virus definitions or protection against newest threats. Upgrades to the newest version is already included as a part of the subscription, so you don’t have to worry about not getting the latest features even you are near the end of your subscription period.

Parental Control

Parental control offers options to block inappropriate content. It also can be used to keep a track of your child’s location based on device tracking feature and can receive alerts when your child is leaves or arrives at a certain location.


Email spam filter

Email spam filter makes sure that emails sent by known spammers and emails with malicious malware payloads or URLs to malicious websites are being blocked. This helps to keep the phishing attempts and malware threats at bay. This feature is compatible with Microsoft mail application and Mozilla Thunderbird email application.

Mobile Application Mobile Security for Android and Mobile Security for iOS

Bitdefender mobile application comes with Total Security package and the Family pack plans. It is also available for some business plans as well. This application is user-intuitive and easy to understand. You will receive a push notification in case of a detected threat due to a suspicious file or an application.

This application is capable of blocking malicious URLs and malware payloads and anti-theft features to protect your device from thieves and hackers. You can use this application to track your device location. Make sure that the device location is set on.

You can start a scan of your mobile devices from the desktop application. All the details can be viewed through the desktop application as well.

The anti theft features can be activated remotely via the desktop app or by simply sending a text message.

The mobile application also comes with a secure VPN for safe web browsing to keep users safe.

Ease of Use

Installation Process

To download Bitdefender executable file, you have to create a Bitdefender Central Account at first. It doesn’t even take five minutes to set up this account.

Purchasing a paid plan will provide you an activation code. Go to the Bitdefender website and create a Bitdefender Central Account. Click on My Subscriptions and click on Activation Code.

Input your activation code and then click on Activate button.

Now your account has been activated. Navigate to My devices tab and click on the Install Protection. Then click on protect this device. The most compatible software version will be then automatically downloaded to your system.

Once the download is complete, launch the file. When the install wizard loads up, select the language and click on install. The installation setup is straightforward.

After installation is complete, click the Start using Bitdefender and click on finish.

User Interface

User interface is straightforward and very user intuitive. It is also heavily customizable. The software provides useful insights and information on the go and every feature and setting is arranged properly to make their functionalities more clear. Bitdefender also provides a quick tour to educate users about various functionalities and tools.

It also comes with an Autopilot Recommendations feature or a Personal Security Advisor feature. The Autopilot recommends several actions that you should take to ensure that your device is running smoother.

You can easily activate the Quick Scan with the click of a button. The dashboard links to important features such as the Safepay browser and the VPN software. Keep in mind that you can customize the center console by replacing all the default options with features that you want to use more often.

You can also add a feature to the Quick Action area at the bottom right-hand side corner of the main console. You can add System Scan, Vulnerability Scan, PW Wallets, Start-up Optimizer, Disc Clean up, or a File Shredder tool.

On the left side upper corner, there are several tabs. In the protection tab, there are features such as the Full Scan, Anti Spam, Safe files, etc.

The privacy tab contains some useful privacy concerned tools such as the file shredder, Parental Control, Password Manager, and the Anti Tracker features.

Utility tab contains several features that may make your device performance better by optimizing it.

The user interface is easier to navigate even for a novice user.

Compatibility with other antivirus software.

There is no compatibility mode provided for the Bitdefender antivirus program. It is recommended that all the other security software be removed before installing Bitdefender antivirus software in your system.

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Bitdefender antivirus packages provide coverage for all the major operating systems.

However, the basic Bitdefender Antivirus Plus package and the Bitdefender Internet Security package provide protection for Windows OS devices only.

Bitdefender Total Protection comes with all the features of the above two packages and provides coverage for MacOS, iOS, Windows OS, and Android OS.

Windows devices running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or higher are covered.
macOS X 10.10 Yosemite or higher.
Android 4.1 or higher.
iOS 11.2 or higher.

Customer Service Support

The official website provides a big amount of articles on common issues, available features, and user tutorials. To get the support of a customer support agent, you can enquire to get support via email, phone or live chat.

All three packages come with 24/7 customer service support.

Pricing and Packaging

Bitdefender antivirus protection is being offered in three packages and all these packages come with advanced antimalware and antivirus features.

The Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is the most basic one and it provides protection for Windows devices. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus features include: Multi-layered ransomware protection, anti-phishing protection, safe online banking, 24/7 customer support, and free VPN capped at 200mb daily encrypted traffic.

It is available for $59.99 but we have a link that will get you a limited time 50% bonus. So the final price is $29.99 only. This package provides security for up to three Windows devices for a time period of one year.

The Bitdefender Internet Security package provides security for up to three windows devices. This plan focuses on providing security to eliminate threats that you may encounter on the internet. The features include privacy oriented firewall, anti spam filter, webcam protection, file encryption, password manager, and parental control.

It costs $79.99, but for a limited time, there’s a 50% discount that you can get by following this link, making it only $39.98.

Bitdefender Total Security is providing security for Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS. Up to five devices are covered for a time period of one year. This is the package I would like to recommend as it provides coverage for up to five devices and compatibility to provide security for all the major operating systems. The price for this package is listed as $89.99, but for a limited time, we can offer you a link with 50% discount, making the final price $44.99 only. It also provides better value for the money.

All of these packages are providing good value for the money as they are feature-rich. Bitdefender packages are slightly more expensive than the plans provided by McAfee and Norton. McAfee is powerful but uses too much system resources making a significant lag of system. Bitdefender offers better security features without any serious performance reduction.

Bitdefender Conclusion

Bitdefender provides advanced anti-malware, anti-hacking, anti-virus features. It also provides privacy oriented features such as webcam filtering, real time anti-phishing, and anti-ransomware protection.

Bitdefender is available in several packages and each one of these packages are tailored to suite the needs of a specific customer. Whether its for your personal use or for a business environment, Bitdefender got everyone covered.

Additional bonus tools such as the password manager, wallet, parental control and email spam filter are making Bitdefender a solid value added package. Safepay, safe online banking feature is helping you to keep your financial data safe from hackers.

Bitdefender is an easy to use, intuitive antivirus product with lots of built in cybersecurity features to keep you safe. It provides a better value for money and comes with a guarantee to protect your personal and financial data. Fast and low impact scans and the mobile security application makes things even better.

Bitdefender Antivirus Offer 2021


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